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Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon

Office 365 Multi Factor Authentication com Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium (Português)

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Extend Your Identity to The Cloud


Datacenter Airlift | Channel 9

Extend your Active Directory to Azure

The attendees get the following take away points from this session:
• Extending an on-premise Windows Server Active Directory ( AD ) infrastructure into the cloud

is an important topic to consider when planning the migration or implementation of cloud-based applications

Features Covered:
• Many existing applications require Active Directory for authentication and identity management.
• When migrating applications to the cloud, having a locally accessible Active Directory is an important factor to ensuring that AD authentication is fast and reliable.
Session Objectives:
• How to implement
• What are the architectures
• Using best practices


TUGA IT 2017 – Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication with Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium



Modern Workplace Office 365 Portugal Community Morning #6Nuno Árias Silva


Novidades Office 365 –