Centralized IT Pro / Enterprise Content of Office 365

Microsoft has created a site that have all resources centralized of Office 365 to IT Pro’s and to Enterprises.

In this portal Microsoft have consolidated trusted, authoritative content from multiple Microsoft content sources:

  • Learn what’s included in Office 365 by reviewing the service descriptions.
  • Discover the types of scenarios you can support with Office 365 and hybrid environments versus on-premises server environments, and what else you can do if you integrate with Microsoft Azure.
  • View cloud architecture resources for identity, security, storage and networking and use test lab resources to work through your specific implementation.
  • Find out how to set up the services you need in Office 365, and how to manage them over time.
  • Review your choices for how to deploy the Office client applications to your users and get training resources for them.
  • Understand Office 365’s security and compliance capabilities created to meet the legal, regulatory and technical standards that your organization might have.


Continue read more at – https://blogs.office.com/2016/10/19/one-stop-shop-for-enterpriseit-pro-content-about-office-365/