Understanding some of limits outlined in the service descriptions, is a concern of the customers when to implement Office 365. The most limitations on services that the customers are deciding which and how to implement or to decide not migrate data to the Cloud are:

  • Limitations of SharePoint Online – The most limitation is in OneDrive for Business that for example, if a user of a customer has their library of My Documents on his PC and want to migrate to OneDrive for Business and have more than 20000 Files (Normally have a medium of 25000 files) they have the limitation of syncing files in only one location that is a huge administration to separate to different libraries and to teach the users how to avoid, create and manage One Drive for Business and they compare to One Drive (Personal One) that does not have that limitations and it is free.

Now you have the Next Generation OneDrive to fix this – https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Get-started-with-the-new-OneDrive-sync-client-in-Windows-615391c4-2bd3-4aae-a42a-858262e42a49

  • Limitation on User Mailboxes, Shared Mailboxes – The main concern is about the limit of 25Mb in each email, sometimes they need to send more, the Maximum number of subfolders per mailbox folder that is 1000, Maximum size of an individual transport rule 4kb vs 40kb on Exchange On premises and the limitation of 10000 daily (24 hours period) outgoing email limit per mailbox, the customers have mailboxes that need to send more.

Now the customers have the limits raised to 150Mb to each email and rolling out the Mailbox to 50Gb.

  • How to work with bulk mail’s (ex. Newsletters) – Some apps does not support to send to Distribution Lists to avoid the limitations of daily recipients – The solution passes to keep and Hybrid Server to accomplish their goals
  • Mail Encryption – The mail limitation is to show on devices like Windows Phone, they have to open a web page to show the content of the email, if is the same platform, why they have to sign in again. The customers can use RMS to encrypt emails and Information Right Protection to go to a further level.
  • Document Encryption – The main concern is about how to configure and to maintain document encryption and how to manage and have access if a person leave the company, and where the document was copied. The customers can use Advanced eDiscovery.
  • Blackberry Support (other devices?) – The Blackberry offered is BES 5 and does not configure the BES 10 Clients and they must have a separate server to support those devices. This types of devices is a concern of some clients and the best way is to change devices and implement an Intune with MDM of Office 365 using new plans like EMS – https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/enterprisemobility/2016/07/07/introducing-enterprise-mobility-security/


Predictions to 2017


My predictions to 2017 is that the customers that have concerns about this limitations go to the next level and implement these technologies:



This will be the year of Modern Workplace

Here is my presentation on Community Morning #6



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