This new functionalities that ​highlights numerous scenarios and benefits when you “Embed video throughout your intranet;” you’ll find a new video plus screenshots and description of three key scenarios, embedding into:

  1. SharePoint Team Sites (online and on-premises)
  2. Custom publishing portals (like the Contoso Home within MOD demo tenants)
  3. Blogs within Delve using the new authoring canvas Move corporate video communications closer to where the user is, within the context of your overall campaign and/or project’s day-to-day. Talk to your team members and management about embedding videos throughout your intranet. 

Drive awareness and amplification by embedding videos beyond the Office 365 Video portal and throughout your intranet into SharePoint Team Sites, custom portals, blogs and more – online and on-premises.

A video message that is easy to find and easy to view will be more successful than one buried in the depths of one, two, three clicks away. When you put a company message from the CxO or a status update from a project leader—front and center where employees and team members are—the information and insights will be better targeted, more fully understood and ultimately shared within the right context.

“The capabilities of Office 365 Video represent a tremendous productivity value: it’s not intrusive, and it’s reliable.
It’s a great way to reach large audiences and targeted audiences alike.”

—Jacob Skaggs, SharePoint developer at PulteGroup. Read their full case study.

Within Office 365, it is possible to place videos (embed) in-line and in-context where people work on projects, online and on-premises. You can do this within SharePoint Team Sites, custom company portals, internal blogs, wikis and more. Using the Office 365 Video solution, it is as simple as copy, paste and publish.

Learn more about how to embed a video to your online or on-premises SharePoint Team Site from Office 365 Video.

Let’s dive into three key scenarios where embedding videos improves corporate communications.

Embedding video scenarios

SharePoint Team Sites—SharePoint Team Sites are a place for working together with a group of people. They are great destinations to emphasize your brand and information out to your peers throughout the organization. They are central locations to manage content and information, sharing internally and externally to work in rhythm across the collective group of people you work with. As you continue to share documents, team notes, project timeline information and lists of data—so, too, can you easily place important video communications within the primary experience of a team site.

Embed video throughout your intranet 1 

SharePoint Team Site showing an embedded video among an embedded PowerPoint, a document library, a KPI web part, plus navigation to other sites and subsites.

The company portalAn important part of the modern intranet is enabling companies to build their own custom portals and sub-portals (company intranet sites) that support search, custom design and navigation and business solutions on-premises and online. Here, too, it is critical for important, company-wide video messages—like a quarterly earnings report from the CFO—to be accessible; not a link to a video, but right there, playable on the home page where the eyeballs are and the desired action lives.


An embedded video within a custom portal home page, side-by-side with news and announcements, custom navigation elements and custom design.

Internal blog post—Blog what you want to say and do it in a modern way. That is the mantra of the new authoring canvas within the Office Delve profile experience. And spice up your posts with multimedia elements, including video, like a trip report; it’s easy! And because it’s integrated across Office 365, you can embed videos from the Office 365 Video portal—with inline playback—in seconds.

Embed video throughout your intranet 2 

A video embedded within an internal blog post (rendered from a tablet device). Video plays back inline within the post, and can go full screen.

Watch a short video showcasing the Office 365 authoring canvas inside Office Delve, including adding a video within an internal blog post.

Take Office 365 Video beyond the portal

As you begin to embed videos onto team sites, portals and blogs, take advantage of the many ways to share video beyond the Office 365 Video portal and land your message to your intended audience. Share via email; post to Yammer; search and discover with Delve; make videos available on the go, accessible throughout your intranet—where users are active, engaged and ready to consume your information. Embed today, increase your reach and be heard!


If you have an idea for a future Office 365 Video feature, please visit our UserVoice page, submit your feedback and vote items up! Or join in the discussion about Office 365 Video with other organizations and the Microsoft team that builds it.

—Mark Kashman, senior product manager on the Office 365 team​


Published: 1/19/2016 20:16