Microsoft will release in next weeks to Target Release the new feature Called OneDrive for Business File Hover Card.

What is ?

Is a new feature that you will have access to some more information when you “hover your mouse over a file”:

  • File details
  • Access Stats like number of views
  • Who have viewed the file
  • Who has modified the file


Screenshot of OneDrive for Business files in File Explorer

This new feature is related to Office 365 Roadmap – 23760

How does this affect me? 
The File Hover Card quickly displays file access statistics that help you gain valuable insights into who in your organization has accessed Office files that you’ve shared. In OneDrive for Business, when hovering over a file you’ll be able to see total views, the number of colleagues who’ve viewed, and the list of colleagues who’ve viewed. In SharePoint Online document and page libraries, you’ll be able to see the number of views and number of colleagues who’ve viewed files and pages.

Another aspect of this feature allows file owners the ability to see if their colleagues have viewed their files. This feature is only available when files are stored in OneDrive for Business. This setting is on-by-default. If you wish to hide the viewer list, as administrator, you can turn this feature off in your Admin center settings before it becomes available to users across your organization.

OneDrive for Business File Hover Card will be rolling out to Targeted Release organizations in the coming weeks, and we anticipate completion of the rollout to Standard Release organizations in late-February.

What do I need to do to prepare for this change?
You do not need to do anything, but you may consider updating your user training and notifying your helpdesk.

Please click Additional information to learn more here with your Admin access

The change can be done at

Change the display to owners the names of people who viewed their files

This setting lets you control whether the owner of a shared file can see the people who only view (and don’t edit) the file in OneDrive file access statistics. File access statistics appear on a card when users hover over a file name or thumbnail in OneDrive. The statistics include the number of views on the file, the number of people who viewed it, and the list of people who viewed it.

Note: This setting is selected by default. If you clear it, file viewer info is still recorded and available to you to audit as an admin. OneDrive owners will also still be able to see people viewing their shared Office files by using Office Online or the Office desktop apps.

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