It’s a great milestone that today December 10, 2019 it has passed 20 years from my first Microsoft Exam.

I had started my career many years ago and when I had the opportunity to start to do exams on Microsoft Technologies was to accomplish an objective to be certified.

My first Microsoft Certification was at December 10, 1999 in “Implementing and Supporting NT Server 4.0 in the Enterprise” Exam 068. It was a great experience and today I realize that is important in personal career to become certified.

Unlock Active Job Postings with Your Microsoft Certification (updated) |  Microsoft Docs

It has passed 20 years and I had leaned a lot since all this changes in Microsoft products.

During this time I had 40 Microsoft Exams in 20 years, that’s a great milestone that I advise to people how Microsoft Technologies are important and people must do certifications.

I also toked MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) about 4 year ago to learn more.

My lessons learned and to became and be recognized are:

  1. Get certified, it’s a milestone to prove the knowledge
  2. Improve your knowledge on technologies that is more needed
  3. Spend time to learn a technology that you are not familiar
  4. Be motivated
  5. Look to new technologies
  6. Never stop learning

With this advises you will become more updated and you do not have lost the technology that is updated more fast that you can’t learn. Focus on the priorities and the emerging technologies.

To see some of my badges about certifications go to

Why is important to be certified ?

  1. To prove yourself that you know the technology
  2. To have the deep knowledge on that technology
  3. To be recognized
  4. Have benefits

To take your career to the next level and be certified my advises are:

My resume in Microsoft Exams where:

  • 3 Exams in NT 4.0
  • 2 Exams on Windows 2000
  • 5 Exams on Windows 2003
  • 1 SQL Exam
  • 3 Exchange 2007 Exams
  • Upgrade Exam to 2008 Server
  • Exams on SMB, Virtualization, SAM, SCVMM, Desktop Virtualization
  • Exams on Exchange 2010
  • Upgrade to Server 2012
  • Exams on Office 365
  • Exams on Exchange 2013
  • Updated Office 365 exams
  • Modern Desktops
  • Azure

Many of those exams where in Beta versions that it was and had been a challenge to myself to do the exams since the beginning.

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If you what to know more about Office 365 here is my book Office 365 Essentials –

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