Take advantage of training exclusively available to Office 365 ProPlus users with an active license, to help enhance productivity with Office applications. The online training site is now available and includes Office 2013 and Office 2016.

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The Office 365 online training site provides access to a library of online courses designed for your users, including: Microsoft Access, Excel, Word, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, SharePoint, Visio, Office Online, Yammer, and more. Users can track their progress for each course and when a course is completed, they can download their transcript to share with anyone. NOTE: Administrator functionality is not available at this time. The site and the courses are currently available in English only. We will be adding localized courses at the beginning of 2016. [What do I need to do to prepare for this change?]
Email your Office 365 ProPlus users with the link below. Click on the link and log in and begin taking Office 365 online training courses.​


Jump start your skills with Office 365 apps with these step-by-step online training courses designed to provide deeper understanding of features and functionality.

    Explore PowerPoint 2016

    Learn the basic steps to using PowerPoint 2016, such as inserting graphics or photos, saving and sharing your presentation and presenting with PowerPoint. 
  • Welcome to Excel: A tour of powerful, time-saving features

    Learn about powerful, time-saving features, such as Flash Fill and Quick Analysis, and download our workbook so you can try these features yourself. 
  • Getting Started with Excel 2016

    Learn the basics of Excel 2016. See how to create a workbook using a template, add data by typing in a worksheet, create a basic chart, save a workbook, and get help with tasks. 
  • Getting Started with Skype for Business

    Get a tour and learn the basics about using Skype for Business 2016, such as how to add someone as a contact, see if they’re available or busy, and how to IM them. 
  • Getting Started with Outlook 2016

    Learn the basic steps to using Outlook 2016, such as composing and sending emails, sharing documents through email and adding a signature to your emails. 
  • Getting started with Word 2016

    Learn the basic steps to using Word 2016, such as creating and formatting documents, inserting items into documents, and adding headers, footers and pages to documents. Learn the basic steps to using Word 2016. – Create a blank document or one based on a template. – Select and format text, create bulleted and numbered lists, change text alignment, and change line spacing. – Add headers and footers, and change page numbers in headers and footers. – Add pictures and tables to a document. 
  • Microsoft Yammer Essentials

    Yammer is an enterprise social private network that brings together people, conversations, content, and business data in a single location. With Yammer, users can easily stay connected to coworkers and information, collaborate with team members, and help make an impact at work. And because users can also easily access Yammer through a web browser or mobile device, they can connect and collaborate with coworkers anytime, anywhere. 
  • Office 365 Essentials for Information Workers

    Office 365 Essentials for Information Workers introduces you to the tools you need to work in the modern enterprise. Office 365 gives you the freedom to work when and where you need to on your favorite devices. It can increase productivity, simplify team collaboration, and enhance your work-life balance. With Office 365, you can provide anywhere access to enterprise email, file sharing, and online meetings without compromising security.The Office 365 enterprise social network, Yammer, helps employees collaborate. Business Intelligence with Office 365 empowers you to create custom reports. Security and compliance are built into Office 365.This course will prepare you to begin using Office 365 in your job. 
  • Getting Started with Office 365 for IT Pros

    Feature Updates January 2015: Learn about the compliance updates for Data Loss Prevention in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business. You will also learn about the updates for administration improvements, such as Groups management, user management, Office 365 Admin Service Settings, Office 365 Admin Center for Business, and domain setup.Office 365 is rapidly becoming one of Microsoft’s best selling software as a service offerings, but as an IT professional, you may have concerns about this switch away from on-premise servers.  In this course you will be introduced to Office 365, find out how easy it is to manage users and to provide support for the service, before finishing off by reviewing how to manage integration between Office 365 and Domain Name System (DNS) domains. 
  • Microsoft Office 2013 Excel Expert

    The Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert course shows you how to manage and share workbooks, apply custom format and layouts, create advanced formulas, and create advanced charts and tables. 
  • Microsoft Office Word 2013 Expert

    The Microsoft Office Word 2013 Expert course shows you how to manage and share documents, design advanced documents, create advanced references, and create custom Word elements. 
  • Course 70150: Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 Essentials

    Office for MAC, Office 2011
  • Microsoft Word 2013 Essentials

    Word 2013, Office 2013
  • Microsoft Visio 2013 Essentials

    Visio 2013, Office 2013​
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Essentials

    SharePoint 2013, Office 2013 
  • Microsoft Project 2013 Essentials

    Project 2013, Office 2013
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Essentials

    PowerPoint 2013, Office 2013
  • Microsoft Outlook 2013 Essentials

    Outlook 2013, Office 2013
  • Microsoft OneNote 2013 Essentials

    OneNote 2013, Office 2013
  • Microsoft​ Access 2013 Essentials

    Access 2013, Office 2013

Published: 12/23/2015 14:31