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Message center announcements,
November 9-15, 2020


Major updates


Updates to meeting chat membership


MC226407 | November 12 – We are updating a meeting participant’s access to meeting chat. These changes will manage a users access to a meeting chat based on how they were invited to the meeting.


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Updates to ‘Records Management’ default role group in Security


MC226539 | November 12 – To simplify the permissions management of the new Records Management solution, we will be updating the configuration of the ‘Records management’ role group in the Security & Compliance Center. The updates will add additional roles to this role group to manage all facets of the Records Management solution including disposition review.


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Changing default folder provisioning language during Known Folder Moves


MC226548 | November 12 – Known Folder Move must provision new folders on the service when the corresponding folders (Desktop, Documents, Pictures) do not exist. When creating these new folders, it has to pick a language in order to name these folders. With this change we will default to the Windows Display Language rather than use the OneDrive Site language. As a result, newly provisioned folders will be created and named in the Windows Display Language.NOTE: this message is for IT admins managing the OneDrive sync app…


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(Updated) Microsoft Teams – Virtual Breakout Rooms


MC224343 | November 9 – Updated November 09, 2020: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience. Breakout rooms allow meeting organizers to split main meetings into smaller sessions for focused discussions.Key Points:Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID:65332Timing: begin in early December (previously mid-November) and expect to complete by mid-December (previously end of November)Control: Admin and Organizer


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Additional updates


(Updated) Teams custom meeting images


MC221370 | November 13 – Updated November 13, 2020: To ensure the best possible experience for our users, we are delaying some of our deployments to reduce the amount of change flowing into the services. Please see the updated roll-out timeline below. Microsoft Teams administrators will soon be able to upload a custom logo image for all tenant meetings; however it will be displayed only in meetings where the organizer has an Advanced Communication license.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID…


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Microsoft Teams: Accounts


MC226759 | November 13 – We will be reorganizing the account and settings shown in the profile menu, in the application’s title bar, to facilitate account and tenant switching for users who have been invited as a Guest in another organization, or who are using Teams with a work/school and a personal account side-by-side.


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Planned Maintenance: Teams and Skype for Business


MC226742 | November 13 – We have maintenance planned for Teams and Skype for Business:Starting November 20, 2020 01:00 UTC.Ending November 20, 2020 02:00 UTC.


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Secure by Default – Honoring EOP/ATP detonation verdicts


MC226683 | November 13 – We’re making some changes to how tenant (Anti-spam/Hosted Content Filter policy) and user (Safe sender) allows work when it comes to high confidence phish. A message is marked with the high confidence phish verdict when we detonate it and know that it is malicious. We want to ensure that our customers are protected and therefore block those messages from getting to the inboxes of end-users. This is normally the case, but tenant and user overrides can stop this from happening. We have decided to…


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We’re moving tenant-wide search usage reports


MC226682 | November 13 – We will be retiring tenant-wide search usage reports from the SharePoint admin center beginning December, 9, 2020. Instead we recommend the utilization of Microsoft Search Insights, which is where we will continue to invest.


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Full screen support in new meetings experience


MC226680 | November 13 – As promised in July, we are bringing Full screen support back in the new meeting experience for Teams desktop applications. This feature is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 67171 When this will happen We rolled this out in late October.


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Microsoft Graph connectors general availability update


MC226678 | November 13 – Microsoft Graph connectors for Microsoft Search provide a set of out-of-the-box search connectors and search & indexing APIs that enable Microsoft 365 customers to connect Microsoft Search to data sources outside of Microsoft 365. This release of Microsoft Graph connectors includes several connectors available within the Microsoft 365 Admin Center such as ServiceNow, Enterprise websites, MediaWiki, Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, and Azure SQL and more. For a detailed list of available…


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Office Client Service health communications


MC226661 | November 13 – In an effort to provide greater clarity in Service health and Message center, we’re renaming ‘Office Client Applications’ to ‘Microsoft 365 Apps’.


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(Updated) Teams meeting participant report updates


MC221432 | November 12 – Updated November 12, 2020: To ensure the best possible experience for our users, we are delaying some of our deployments to reduce the amount of change flowing into the services. Please see the updated roll-out timeline below. In June (MC209710) we provided Teams meeting organizers with a participant report that includes join and leave times. We are making key changes to improve functionality and provide additional participant data in the report.This feature is associated with Microsoft…


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Automatically delete (or restore) a Power Apps custom form when its associated list is deleted (or restored)


MC225605 | November 12 – Updated November 12, 2020: Based on customer feedback we have made some changes below to provide more clarity. Thank you for your feedback. We are simplifying Power Apps custom form management with this update. When a list is deleted or restored, the Power Apps custom form associated with that list will be automatically deleted or restored.


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Exclude specific files from OneDrive sync


MC226631 | November 12 – We are introducing a setting that allows you to exclude newly added OneDrive files from syncing to the cloud by file name or extension on Windows devices. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 66188.


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Removing Chromium-based MDM config policies (Intune and other MDM providers) from Edge for Android


MC226629 | November 12 – In February 2021, Edge for Android will remove the Chromium-based MDM app configuration settings that currently ship within Edge. These settings come from the Chromium source code but are not (and never have been) supported by Edge for Android and may have unattended side effects with the app. For more information on the app configuration settings that Edge for Android supports, see


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Microsoft Forms: Confirm phishing option available


MC226526 | November 11 – When managing Microsoft Forms, IT admins now have a new option, Confirm phishing, when a form has been blocked and flagged for possible phishing.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 68856


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Upcoming licensing and technical enforcement deadlines


MC226523 | November 11 – On March 26, 2020 Microsoft announced a number of measures across Power Platform and Dynamics 365 in support of individuals and organizations around the world affected by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. In addition to that, we also deferred (MC208085) several previously communicated license transitions and technical enforcement deadlines to allow customers ample time to prepare. With those deadlines now fast approaching, we are reaching out to remind you of key dates and available resources. This…


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Updates available for Microsoft 365 Apps for all channels


MC226368 | November 10 – We’ve released updates to the following update channels for Microsoft 365 Apps: Current Channel Monthly Enterprise Channel Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel (Preview) Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel When this will happen: We’ll be gradually rolling out these updates of Microsoft 365 Apps to users on those update channels starting November 10th, 2020 (PST).


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(Updated) Introducing live transcription in Microsoft Teams meetings


MC220987 | November 10 – Updated November 10, 2020: To ensure the best possible experience for our users, we are delaying some of our deployments to reduce the amount of change flowing into the services. Please see the updated roll-out timeline below Live transcripts in Microsoft Teams meetings will provide another way to both follow and review meeting conversations. Note: Live transcription currently supports only spoken English (English-US). This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 65967.


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Announcing public preview of Microsoft 365 Audit retention dashboard


MC226359 | November 10 – Coming soon to public preview, the Microsoft 365 compliance center will include a new dashboard experience specific to Audit retention activity.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 68854


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SharePoint spaces: Touch device support


MC226347 | November 10 – SharePoint spaces is adding support for viewing spaces using touch devices. Some visual updates to context menus are included with this change in order to provide the best experience on touch devices.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 67107.


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(Updated) New Feature: Manage how long guests can access SharePoint Online and OneDrive documents


MC220791 | November 10 – Updated November 10, 2020: To ensure the best possible experience for our users, we are delaying some of our deployments to reduce the amount of change flowing into the services. Please see the updated roll-out timeline below. You will soon be able to create a policy that automatically revokes access for external guests to SharePoint Online (SPO) sites and individual OneDrivesafter a defined period of time.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 43797.When will this happenWe…


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