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Message center announcements

August 8, 2022 – August 14, 2022




Major updates




Classic Global term store retirement – update

MC412836 | August 13 – In mid-November 2021 (MC289683), we announced the rollout of the modern experience of the global term store for Syntex & SharePoint admin center. Aligning with our modernization efforts, we will start retiring the classic experience of the term store and recommend all our users to use the modern term store
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(Updated) Suspicious Connector Activity Alert

MC365410 | August 9 – Updated August 9, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.As a security platform, we strive to continuously improve and protect our customers. In May, we plan to start rolling out a new alert for suspicious activities in an inbound connector. For information on connectors, please visit Configure mail flow using connectors in Exchange Online | Microsoft Docs.
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Microsoft Teams user request configuration to external systems (URL redirect)

MC411463 | August 9 – Microsoft Teams apps help facilitate collaboration and enhance team productivity. Some organizations choose to control which apps their users can use, blocking apps from use until IT has reviewed and approved them. For these organizations, the recent app discovery update (MC350372) enables users to indicate which blocked apps they want to use, allowing IT to focus their attention on the apps their users want. As always, IT retains control over which apps their users can use. We heard from some…
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Additional updates




Microsoft Purview | Information protection: Co-authoring encrypted documents on mobile devices (GA)

MC412835 | August 13 – Currently available in public preview (MC337330), the ability to co-author Microsoft Purview Information Protection encrypted documents on both Android and iOS mobile devices will soon be generally available. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 98089.
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(Updated) Speaker Coach in Microsoft Teams Meetings

MC394785 | August 12 – Updated August 12, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.Speaker Coach provides private, personalized feedback on your speaking and presentation skills in both real-time as well as post-meeting in a summary. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 88253
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(Updated) Updates to Minimum Supported Outlook Desktop Versions for Actionable Messages

MC411668 | August 12 – Updated August 12, 2022: We have updated the content below for clarity. Thank you for your patience.We are upgrading the underlying infrastructure for Outlook Actionable Messages (AM) to make them more performant and resilient. Note: If your organization is not using Outlook Actionable Messages you can safely disregard this message.
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(Updated) Modern Meetings and Calls on Teams Web Client

MC393821 | August 11 – Updated August 11, 2022: Based on learnings from our early rings, we have made the decision to make additional changes before we proceed with the rollout. We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.The modern meeting/calling experience will be available for Teams on the Web in Chrome and Edge browsers – including improved pre-join, dynamic view, and updated control bar.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 92928
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(Updated) Microsoft Teams: Automatically end stale Teams meetings

MC399073 | August 10 – Updated August 10, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.Microsoft Teams is enabled with a new feature that will allow meetings to automatically end if they’re identified as stale. If a user is the sole participant in a meeting 10 minutes after the scheduled meeting end time has passed, then a dialog will appear in the call prompting them to end the call or dismiss the notification. If no action is taken on the dialog within 3 minutes, the meeting will…
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(Updated) Microsoft Feed on the Outlook Mobile Search Page

MC389615 | August 10 – Updated August 10, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.The Search Page in Outlook Mobile is being enhanced with a new feed that aims to help users stay on top of things. The feed looks at what is happening in Microsoft 365 and surfaces updates and insights about colleagues, documents, and other artifacts in a vertical feed view, ranked personally for each user.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93317
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(Updated) OneDrive: Sharing Experience – Share Menu Dropdown

MC403644 | August 10 – Updated August 10, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.We’re updating the Share button in Microsoft OneDrive to provide easy access to additional sharing options. When you select Share in OneDrive for Business on Web, you’ll see a contextual menu with all choices available to you for sharing files or folders with your teammates.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 83727
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(Updated) OneDrive/SharePoint: Review mode for Word documents

MC402119 | August 10 – Updated August 10, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.What is Review mode?When you open a document that was shared with you for review, you are automatically placed in Review mode. In Review mode, you won’t have full edit control but instead are allowed to add suggestions to the document in the form of comments or tracked changes. Document owners or other collaborators who have full edit permissions will then need to approve the incorporation of any…
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Outlook Mobile Now Supports Multiple S/MIME Certificates

MC411680 | August 10 – Outlook mobile (iOS and Android) will allow users to manually select their S/MIME signing /encryption certificates if there is more than one valid certificate available, and set them as active for signing and encryption.
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My Activity retirement in Teams mobile Activity

MC411679 | August 10 – We will be retiring the support for ‘My activity’ in Teams mobile Activity App. This will be retired from other clients in the future.Activity will now support only activities directed to you (the option to view activities initiated by you will be retired).
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Convert Word/Pdf form or quiz to Microsoft Forms

MC411678 | August 10 – This feature allows you convert you existing forms or quizzes into Microsoft Forms, making it much quicker to get started. After import, you can still edit as needed before collecting responses.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93411
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Microsoft Information Protection: Maintain label and protection when creating PDF files from VBA in Office apps

MC411677 | August 10 – This feature is for VBA developers who use Office fixed format export functions to create PDFs from documents with sensitivity labels and encryption. By default, all PDFs created using Office’s fixed format export functions will automatically inherit the source document’s label or encryption. Some VBA add-ins may need to be updated to avoid issues when post-processing an encrypted PDF. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93406
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Retiring Resume Assistant in Word

MC411669 | August 10 – Resume Assistant is being phased out, starting in September 2022. By the end of January 2023, it will be removed and no longer supported. Microsoft is committed to improving your Microsoft 365 subscription. As a result, we occasionally remove features and benefits that duplicate equivalent offerings that are available to subscribers. Timeline of removal from Word:September 2022 – Removed from the Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel (Preview) January 2023 – Removed across Windows (Current Channel,…
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Updates available for Microsoft 365 Apps for all channels

MC411653 | August 9 – We’ve released updates to the following update channels for Microsoft 365 Apps: Current Channel Monthly Enterprise Channel Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel (Preview) Semi-Annual Enterprise Channel
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(Updated) Microsoft 365 admin center: Reports in the Admin Center – API available to manage user, group, and site names

MC394931 | August 9 – Updated August 9, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.Microsoft is releasingan API that helps Global Administrators change how user, group, and site names are displayed in the Microsoft 365 admin center based on their organization’s privacy practices without having to manually change the setting in Org Settings -> Reports. User, group and site names are concealed by default. When this setting is changed, administrative roles and the report reader…
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(Updated) Addition of Shared Mailboxes to the Mailbox Usage Report

MC405568 | August 9 – Updated August 9, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.In the coming weeks, the mailbox usage report will be expanded to include additional mailbox insights.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93398
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Viva Topics expands language support to French, German and Spanish

MC411434 | August 8 – Viva Topics is expanding language support to French, German and Spanish in Q3CY2022, this will enable customers operating in content more than English benefit from Viva Topics and empower users to share more knowledge acrossorg! Main capabilities include:AI to process content written in not only English but also in French, German, and Spanish and extract topics from those content,Human to curate topics in French, German and Spanish to enrich topics content and improve topics qualityUsers to be…
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We’ve changed the minimum iOS system requirements for Outlook for iOS and watchOS

MC411432 | August 8 – Outlook for iOS is supported on the two most recent versions of iOS. When a new version of iOS is released, Outlook’s Operating System requirement becomes the two most recent versions: the current version of iOS and watchOS and the previous version. With iOS 16 currently in beta, Outlook for iOS is preparing to drop support for iOS 14. In addition, once iOS 16 is released to GA, the system requirements for Outlook for iOS will be updated to reflect support for iOS 16. Microsoft will update the…
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Outlook Cross Profile Calendar Sync for Android Managed Devices

MC411429 | August 8 – Cross Profile Calendar Sync for Outlook enables users with Android Work Profile configured to see a complete view of all account calendars in one place – making it easier for work profile users to manage their schedule from a mobile device.Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 92463Roll-out: Tenant Level – admins will enable Connected Apps for Outlook. Connected Apps is only applicable for Outlook Android users with Work Profile configured.Control type: BothAction: review and assess by August 15, 2022
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Microsoft Exchange Online: Change to soft-deleted period for inactive mailboxes

MC411428 | August 8 – When all holds and retention policies are removed from an inactive mailbox, it becomes soft-deleted and remains in Exchange for a period of time to allow for recovery before permanent deletion. Based on customer feedback, and to maintain consistency with other solutions, we will be changing this period to 30 days (from current 183 days). Following this change, after 30 days, any inactive mailboxes which are in a soft-deleted state are permanently deleted and are no longer recoverable.
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