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Below is an example that can be applied to your tenant, because these emails are based on the services that you have in your Tenant and subscription.


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Message center announcements

November 28, 2022 – December 4, 2022




Major updates




Basic auth retirement for Office 365 Reporting Web Service

MC477010 | December 1 – We originally communicated this change in MC318316 (January 2022). We have updated the timeline for this change and are now ready to proceed.Currently, users accessing Reporting Web service use “Basic Authentication” and must provide their credentials. With this feature update, Microsoft will improve the security of your tenant by replacing “Basic Authentication” access in favor of the recommended OAuth user interface which is where we will continue to invest our development resources.
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Visio Services discontinuation starting 10th Feb 2023

MC476026 | November 30 – Beginning 10th Feb 2023, Visio Web Access (Visio Service) and its Web Part for SharePoint Online will no longer be available. Instead of Visio Web Access you will be able to use Visio Web to migrate your organization’s web parts to a newer experience with the new Javascript (JS) APIs for Visio Web. Visio Web enables high fidelity viewing, sharing, and collaboration in your favorite browser, without installing the client for all Office 365 licenses. It also supports embedding Visio diagrams in…
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(Updated) Announcing retirement of the legacy mail flow rules UX in the classic Exchange admin center

MC449929 | November 29 – Updated November 29, 2022: We have updated the timeline below. Thank you for your patience.The retirement process of the mail flow rules user experience in the classic Exchange admin center begins at the end of November in WW. The legacy UX is no longer the default page in the new EAC and is available only in the classic EAC and only until it is retired. This is part of our ongoing transition to move away from the classic EAC for mail flow management, and it is a continuation of our migration…
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Additional updates




Reminder: IE11 desktop app will be permanently disabled in 2 months in February 2023 Windows security update “B” release

MC478688 | December 3 – As previously announced, the Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) desktop app has been retired as of June 15, 2022. IE11 retirement is occurring through two phases: a redirection phase, currently in progress with devices progressively redirected from IE11 to Microsoft Edge and an upcoming Windows Update phase that includes IE11 being permanently disabled. The Windows security update (“B”) release that will permanently disable IE11 is scheduled to be available for roll out on February 14, 2023.
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Loop components in Word for the web in Targeted release

MC478687 | December 3 – Microsoft Loop components are live, interactive, collaborative objects that you can embed in Teams chats and emails – and now in Word for the web – as a convenient way to ideate, create, and plan together. While working in a Word online document, you can now create or paste a Loop component, which will insert it directly in the document canvas and can be shared with others on teams or email as well. This will help in easier and faster collaboration on documents as others’ edits will be…
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(Updated) Cameo in PowerPoint Live

MC395422 | December 2 – Updated December 2, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.With Cameo in PowerPoint Live, users will be able to integrate Teams camera feed into PowerPoint presentation and customize how and where they want to appear on slides.⁠Cameo supports all personalization properties like any other Office graphical object such as those offered by Pictures, Gifs and Shapes. This includes layering Cameo between content, adding motion effects such as morph, changing…
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(Updated) Microsoft Defender for Office 365: Hourly option for notifications

MC383901 | December 2 – Updated December 2, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.We are adding a new hourly option to end user quarantine notifications, which will allow users to rely on receiving prompt notifications about quarantined items when appropriate. With this feature, users will be updated frequently once new items land in their quarantine folder. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93304.
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(Updated) Microsoft Defender for Office 365: updates to quarantine folder storage

MC383875 | December 2 – Updated December 2, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.Microsoft Defender for Office 365 is making some changes to quarantine folder storage. The experience for users will remain the same and users can leverage the delete action to maintain the storage folder for their quarantined messages.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93302.
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(Updated) Unread Toggle in Activity Feed

MC437263 | December 2 – Updated December 2, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.Unread toggle will help users quickly view all the unread activities in their activity feed. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 88389
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Microsoft Syntex Pay-as-you-go Preview

MC477853 | December 2 – Microsoft is offering a limited-time free preview of pay-as-you-go billing functionality that will be used in the future for some Microsoft Syntex services. The preview allows you to track Microsoft Syntex unstructured document processing events at no cost to assess usage and estimate costs for a future pay-as-you-go license. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 101512
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Modern Commenting Experience Coming to Whiteboard

MC477852 | December 2 – With comments you can share your thoughts, celebrate with your teammates, or just have a conversation in Microsoft Whiteboard.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID: 98083
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Search Video Transcript for Stream (on SharePoint)

MC477851 | December 2 – This feature allows users who are viewing a video to search for keywords contained in the video transcript. This feature is available on video files that have transcripts and are stored in OneDrive or SharePoint. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 99920
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Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows store application 4.15 update

MC477845 | December 2 – Teams Rooms on Windows application version 4.15 includes key new features and improvements to existing functionality.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 95260, 103659, 98423
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Keep your Microsoft Teams desktop client compliant by updating regularly

MC477839 | December 2 – Since Microsoft Teams is governed by the Modern Lifecycle Policy, the Teams desktop client needs to be up to date. The Teams client is updated approximately once per month. The client automatically installs updates when they become available to that client. Because we stagger the availability of updates worldwide, some clients in your organization might receive new updates before others.It’s expected that users remain on the most up-to-date version of the desktop client. Users need to update…
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(Updated) Updates coming to Daily Briefing Emails

MC414800 | December 1 – Updated December 1, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.The Briefing email from Microsoft Viva helps users start their day on track by surfacing information to prepare for upcoming meetings, follow up on outstanding tasks as well as protect time for independent work. A few updates are coming to the daily briefing email to provide users with ways to fine-tune their email. Favorite & SnoozeCurrently, content in briefing email is delivered in a…
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(Updated) IT Admin Policy Change for the New Webinars Experience on Teams

MC454809 | December 1 – Updated December 1, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.We are excited to announce the upcoming launch of the new webinar experience. This experience is an intuitive end-to-end webinar solution addressing key feedback received since the initial webinar launch last year and is built to scale for advanced webinars in the future. The new webinar will be found by clicking the New Meeting dropdown in the calendar app and selecting Webinar. With the launch of…
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(Updated) Microsoft Stream: Stream Web App

MC398248 | December 1 – Updated November 30, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.We will be rolling out the Stream web app. The web app improves how you view and publish video and audio files that are stored in or uploaded to Teams, Yammer, OneDrive, and SharePoint. The app and player experience works seamlessly with and brings key features of the Stream (classic) player to SharePoint playing experience.To use the app, simply open an audio or video file from its…
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Microsoft Entra admin center unites Azure AD with family of identity and access products

MC477013 | December 1 – Microsoft Entra admin center gives customers an entire toolset to secure access for everyone and everything in multicloud and multiplatform environments. The entire Microsoft Entra product family is available at this new admin center, including Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and Microsoft Entra Permissions Management, formerly known as CloudKnox.Starting this month, waves of customers will begin to be automatically directed to from Microsoft 365 in place of the Azure AD…
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Microsoft 365 Admin Center: New Adoption Score People Experience Capabilities in public preview –Group-Level Aggregates

MC477011 | December 1 – Adoption Score now includes Group-level aggregates for communication, mobility, collaboration and meetings experiences, and organizational messages are being added to selected Adoption Score people experiences within the Microsoft 365 admin center for preview.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 98166, 100710 and 98163
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Microsoft Purview | Information Protection: Maintain label when creating PDF files from VBA in Office apps (GA)

MC477003 | December 1 – Currently available in public preview (MC441065), Microsoft Office is shipping a new feature that enables PDFs created from Office using Export to PDF to inherit the source document’s labels or encryption. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 93406.
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(Updated) Expanded reactions in Teams

MC428506 | December 1 – Updated November 30, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.This update will allow users to apply any emoji as a reaction to chat or channels messages. Users can choose from over 800 existing Teams emojis to express themselves the way they want. Browse all the reaction options or use the search bar to the find the reaction you want.This feature update will also be delivered with a new reactions user experience to support the expanded reactions options. The…
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(Updated) New Teams Powered Encoder events

MC447685 | November 30 – Updated November 30, 2022: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.Create highly-polished events, featuring live streams, screen overlays, and more. The new RTMP-In encoder for Teams Live Events will also allow your Teams Live Events to have all the features and external encoder support that Microsoft Stream offered for Teams Live Events. In addition, we will support public events, in addition to organization-wide eventsThis message is associated with Microsoft…
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Microsoft Purview | Information Protection: Feedback Loop for Content explorer and DLP alerts (GA)

MC476041 | November 30 – Currently available in public preview (MC348214), we’re introducing a compliant feedback mechanism to enable admins to report false positives for sensitive information types (SITs) and trainable classifiers detected and reported in Content explorer and DLP Alerts (non-legacy alerts). This Feedback Loop will improve the overall accuracy of SITs and trainable classifiers as it enables Microsoft to make systematic improvements in the product to reduce future false positives. This message is…
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SharePoint Apps: Add to teams when enabling an app

MC476027 | November 30 – As a SharePoint Administrator or Global Administrator in Microsoft 365, you can acquire solutions from the SharePoint Store or distribute custom apps that can be used across SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and Viva Connections. We improve the process of adding SharePoint Framework solution app to Teams in the modern SharePoint apps site (formerly known as App Catalog).This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 103610
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Suggest types for Viva Topics

MC476025 | November 30 – Topic types provide better context to users by providing them with a suggested category for topics that helps them distinguish two topics with similar names and determine what type of information they’re viewing. We’ll continue to suggest types like products, projects, events or more, and we’re adding the ability to identify over 150 types which are more granular, like conference, framework, process, and more. As a topic contributor, you can select one or more types for the topic, and set a…
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(Updated) Microsoft Teams: Start a Teams Chat with Distribution Groups, Mail-Enabled Security Groups, and O365 Groups

MC408435 | November 29 – Updated November 29, 2022: We have updated the content below with additional information. Thank you for your patience.You will now be able to start a Teams Chat with Distribution Groups, Mail-enabled Security Groups, and O365 Groups. This feature will respect the limits on members in a group chat, currently set to 250 members.Organizations rely on Distribution Lists (DLs) as a tool to create groups of users that mirror organizational knowledge and workflows. Bringing this awareness to target…
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(Updated) Viva Topics Cards in Viva Connection

MC475169 | November 29 – Updated November 29, 2022: We have updated the content to show as expected. Thank you for your patience. Microsoft Viva is rolling out Topics action cards in Viva Connections to encourage knowledge discoverability, engagement, and sharing. Users will be able to engage with topics with the Adaptive Topics Cards. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 100253
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(Updated) OneDrive Android: Extract PDF Pages

MC475170 | November 29 – Updated November 29, 2022: We have updated the content below to show as intended. Thank you for your patience.Users of OneDrive for Android can now split PDFs and have PDFs saved back to OneDrive.
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Access the Office add-ins from the Home tab and File Menu

MC475168 | November 29 – The Office extensibility “get add-in” button will be moved from the Insert tab to the Home Tab. We also aligned the extensibility experience across Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams with a consistent logo and a flyout where users can easily find their installed add-ins while browsing the recommended add-ins at the same time.Microsoft has a comprehensive extensibility ecosystem. You can gain access to a large number of our 1st-party add-ins and 3rd-party add-ins provided by our…
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Viva Topics: Update to the experience for collecting feedback on AI quality and correctness through the Topic Card

MC475132 | November 29 – You will soon see an updated experience on the Topic Card to better request feedback from users on the quality of a suggested highlight on SharePoint modern pages, and the quality of a suggested topics and its suggested properties. The questions have not changed, but the experience is more noticeable and has a new option to respond with “Not sure”. You can learn more about Topic curation and feedback here:…
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Power Platform admin center – Planned maintenance impacting support case creation

MC474900 | November 28 – We have maintenance planned for the Power Platform admin center. Maintenance window start: 3 December 2022, 16:00 UTC Maintenance window end: 4 December 2022, 00:00 UTC How does this affect me? During the maintenance window, you may encounter an error when attempting to create a support case through the Power Platform admin center. All other aspects of the Help + Support page, as well as other areas of the Power Platform admin center will remain functional during the maintenance window. What…
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