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View a summary of the updates.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



Message center announcements

February 20, 2023 – February 26, 2023




Major updates




(Updated) Visio Services discontinuation starting 10th Feb 2023

MC476026 | February 23 – Updated February 23, 2023: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.Beginning 24th February 2023, Visio Web Access (Visio Service) and its Web Part for SharePoint Online will no longer be available. Instead of Visio Web Access you will be able to use Visio Web to migrate your organization’s web parts to a newer experience with the new Javascript (JS) APIs for Visio Web. Visio Web enables high fidelity viewing, sharing, and collaboration in your favorite browser,…
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(Updated) Wiki retirement and the future of note taking in Teams Channels

MC496248 | February 21 – Updated February 17, 2023: Based on customer feedback we have updated the content with FAQs. Thank you for your feedback.We are announcing that Wiki’s will be retired from Teams. We are offering note taking capabilities through Teams Channels powered by OneNote.
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Additional updates




Microsoft Teams Rooms on Android: User Experience Update 1 2023

MC520319 | February 24 – This update introduces several new features for Teams Rooms on Android that improve the meeting join, content sharing, and hybrid collaboration experiences. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 119621, 119620, and 119622
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Viva Goals: Increased Functionality and Terminology Change of Team Field

MC520318 | February 24 – Viva Goals currently has a field named “type” while creating and filtering OKRs which designates where the OKR would be created. The terminology is now changing from “type” to “teams.” In addition to the name change, the functionality of the “teams” field will expand to include additional context and faster search capability as OKR owners assign a team to an OKR.All OKRs created from the My OKRs page will now be set to unassigned by default. OKRs being created from a specific team or…
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OneDrive Web: Favorite/Unfavorite Files

MC519907 | February 23 – Adding files to Favorites is a great way to mark content of personal importance and can help you get to the content you’re looking for right away. We have made sure that the favorites experience is consistent across Microsoft 365 apps by building on top of the existing pinning and favorites experience. This release will include support for favoriting files from OneDrive web and Document Libraries. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 117497
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Viva Goals Administrator role for IT admins

MC519906 | February 23 – Global Admins will now be able to assign a new role called ‘Viva Goals Administrator’ to the IT admins who are tasked with managing Viva Goals policy settings for the company.
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(Updated) Microsoft Teams: Simplified App Update Experience

MC503298 | February 23 – Updated February 23, 2023: We have updated the rollout timeline and provided additional information. Thank you for your patience.Microsoft Teams now maintains an index of all of the apps (and the corresponding versions) a user has consented to. Using this index, an app is automatically updated in real time everywhere it is installed for the user. After the user updates the app in any one context, the updated version is available in all other installed contexts, without any other user…
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(Updated) Teams update: Expanded view of the profile card in Teams

MC494734 | February 23 – Updated February 23, 2023: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.Beginning in March, users in your organization will be able to use expanded views of the profile card in Teams. The expanded view is already available in Outlook and includes more information, like an overview of the profile, contact information, organizational chart, and LinkedIn tab.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 109526.
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(Updated) Meeting Recap on Outlook on the web

MC500906 | February 23 – Updated February 23, 2023: We have updated the content below for clarity. Thank you for your feedback.Meeting Recap is a new feature on Outlook on the web that allows meeting participants to quickly access meeting content, such as the meeting recording, easily from the calendar event. After a meeting has ended, users can open a meeting on their calendar to find links to meeting artifacts for easy access. The feature currently supports meetings scheduled using Microsoft Teams with the following…
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Send to Kindle feature shipping

MC519245 | February 23 – We will be adding the ability for users to send documents from Microsoft Word (Win32, Web, Mac) to the Kindle e-reader device or Kindle app.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 117542
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Introducing the Simplified Left Navigation Feature in Teams Admin Center

MC519241 | February 23 – Teams Admin Center is now equipped with a new feature to simplify the navigation process for IT administrators. The new Simplified Left Navigation feature allows administrators to pin their preferred menu options to the navigation panel, reducing clutter and streamlining the process of finding the information they need. With the click of a button, administrators can easily add or remove menu items from their pinned list, and then view their customized navigation by clicking the “Show Pinned”…
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New Message Recall in Exchange Online rolling out now

MC519224 | February 23 – The new Message Recall feature in Exchange Online is starting to roll out now and should be available to all Exchange Online tenants worldwide by mid-March. The new feature is more than twice as effective at successfully recalling messages than the classic Outlook for Windows Message Recall feature, and offers a single aggregated recall status report for each recall. Learn more here. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 59438
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(Updated) New Service Plans for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva SKUs

MC482179 | February 22 – Updated February 21, 2023: We have updated this message to ensure visibility to the appropriate audience. As previously announced, we will be releasing our new experiences for Viva Engage and Answers in Microsoft Viva in early 2023. We are now assigning the new service plans to the corresponding SKUs to get ready for the release.
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Outlook: Labeling email from attachments’ label

MC518734 | February 22 – Outlook desktop will match the highest sensitivity label from attachments on email. Admins can configure this to either use the cmdlet set-labelpolicy advanced setting or use the Compliance portal to configure the label policy, communicated in MC510786 (February ’23). Customers will see automatically or recommendations that emails get the higher label from attachments’ label. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 100490
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Changes are coming to the Minimum Supported Browsers

MC518729 | February 22 – In February-2023, Microsoft began notifying customers that starting in July 2023, Office for the web users using some unsupported browsers will no longer be able to connect to the Microsoft 365 web applications mentioned in the Products section of this communication.
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(Updated) PowerPoint Live in Teams: Magnify Slide

MC452198 | February 21 – February 21, 2023: We have updated this message to ensure visibility, the content below has not changed. Thank you for your patience.When a deck is presented via PowerPoint Live in a Microsoft Teams meeting, all meeting attendees can use the Magnify Slide feature to privately zoom into the presentation while maintaining full fidelity of the slide content. When a meeting attendee magnifies a slide, it doesn’t change how the presenter or the other meeting attendees view the slides. The “Sync to…
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(Updated) Pronouns on Profile Cards in Microsoft Teams and Outlook Web

MC515531 | February 21 – Updated February 21, 2023: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience.We’re adding a new feature to the profile card in Microsoft 365. Users in your organization will soon be able to add pronouns directly to their profile card in Outlook on the web and Teams. Pronouns are the words we use to replace someone’s name in a sentence, such as “he,” “she,” or “they” in English.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 86382 and 115511
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