We recently announced Office 365 Planner—a new experience in Office 365 that offers a simple, visual way to organize teamwork. Planner makes it easy for your team to create plans, organize and assign work, share files, chat about what everyone is working on and get updates on progress.

We’re happy to announce that today we’ve started rolling out Planner preview to Office 365 First Release customers. Office 365 administrators in the First Release program will receive an email with instructions on how to set up the preview once it is available for their tenancy. Once administrators take the necessary actions, users can start using Planner by launching it from the Office 365 app launcher.


If you plan to participate in the preview, we want your help in shaping Planner’s future! Please post your feedback and suggestions on UserVoice so we can continue to improve Planner together.

—Office 365 Planner team

Frequently asked questions

Q. Which Office 365 plans are eligible for Planner preview?

A. Planner preview is available to First Release customers on the following plans: Office 365 Enterprise E1, Office 365 Enterprise E3, Office 365 Enterprise E4, Office 365 Enterprise E5, Office 365 Education, Office 365 Education E3, Office 365 Education E4, Office 365 Business Essentials and Office 365 Business Premium.

Q. When will Planner be available in my Office 365 tenant?

A. Beginning today, Planner preview will start rolling out to Office 365 First Release customers, and IT admins of applicable tenants will need to take a few steps to set up the preview. We expect the rollout of preview to First Release customers worldwide to be complete in the next several weeks. We expect to make Planner generally available to all eligible Office 365 commercial and education customers in 2016.

Q. Does Planner integrate with Office 365 Groups?

A. Office 365 Groups is a foundational service that allows individuals to easily create public or private groups. Each new plan created in Planner automatically creates a new Office 365 Group. Also, every pre-existing Office 365 Group will get an associated plan.

A tablet, desktop PC, and smartphone showing Office 365 Planner in use to organize teamwork.
Office 365 

Organize teamwork with Office 365 Planner

Take the chaos out of teamwork and get more done! Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you’re working on, and get updates on progress.

Get started quickly

Easy to use
Launch Planner from the Office 365 app launcher with a single click. You can then create a new plan, build a team, assign tasks, and update status—in a few easy steps.
Organize work visually
Each plan has its own board, where you can organize tasks into buckets. You can categorize tasks based on their status or on whom they’re assigned to. To update the status or change assignments, just drag and drop tasks between columns.
A laptop and a tablet showing Office 365 in use to manage team tasks and information. 

Work together without chaos

Visibility and transparency
The My Tasks view provides a comprehensive list of all your tasks and their status across all your plans. When working together on a plan, team members always know who is working on what.
Collaborate around tasks
Built for Office 365 , Planner lets you attach files to tasks, work together on those files, and even have conversations around tasks without switching between apps. With Planner, all your team’s discussions and deliverables stay with the plan and don’t get locked away across disparate applications.
A desktop monitor showing Office 365 Planner in use to attach files to a task. 

Always stay informed

Works across devices
Planner works across all your devices. And with Planner, everyone is always on the same page. A glance at Charts is all it takes to know where things stand and if the team is making enough progress towards their goal.
Email notifications
With Planner, you’ll never miss a beat! Receive email notifications whenever you’re assigned a new task or added to a conversation.


Published: 12/14/2015 17:00