Welcome to the seventh edition of Dev Digest, designed to help you—the Office 365 developer—keep up-to-date with what’s new in Office 365 development.

This has been an exciting month of announcements for Office 365 developers. We launched a new Yeoman generator for building Office Add-ins. This is a powerful tool for developers who do not use Visual Studio but are interested in building Office add-ins. You can use it to generate a raw add-in manifest or a full add-in project using either plain HTML/JavaScript/CSS or AngularJS. The Yeoman generator supports all of the add-in types across Outlook mail, task pane and content add-ins.

We also introduced the Office UI Fabric, a responsive, mobile-first, front-end framework for developers, designed to make it simple to quickly create web experiences using the Office Design Language. The Office UI Fabric makes it easy for developers to build add-ins and applications that look like Office. In fact, the framework is used internally on several products within Office 365. The Office UI Fabric is available through GitHub at

We also announced the general availability of the custom file handler add-ins. This add-in type allows developers to create their own custom viewers and editors for non-Microsoft file types in SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Outlook Web App. Engineering has provided a nice reference sample on GitHub, and full documentation is available on MSDN.

Also, check out the Upcoming Events below to see our full schedule of onsite conferences and training events for the next six months.

I encourage you all to engage with us on the Office 365 Technical Network with your questions.

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Dev documentation

The Microsoft Content Publishing team works hard to produce documentation that help developers learn our platform. Here are the key new and updated articles for this month:

Office 365 APIs

SharePoint Add-ins

Office Add-ins

For more documentation, check out Office developer documentation.

Code samples

Our team is continually on the lookout for new code samples to help you jump-start your own projects. Here is a list of the most recent new and updated samples from Microsoft as well as the dev community.

Check out to see more.

Most recent Office 365 Dev Podcasts

Since joining Microsoft last year, I have been running around campus interviewing people about various dev topics. If you would like to hear me interview someone on a particular topic, please submit your suggestions in the Yammer group and I’ll go hunt down the relevant people to interview.

Here are the most recent Dev Podcasts:

For more podcasts check out

Office Dev Show

The Office Dev Show is our dedicated Channel 9 show focusing on all things Office 365 development-related. The show previews capabilities and features of the Office extensibility platform, as well as facilitating developers getting started building on Office 365 with a variety of technologies. Here are the episodes we have published to date:

Stay tuned to the show, publishing new episodes every Wednesday morning.

Patterns and Practices

The Microsoft Patterns and Practices (PnP) team is working hard to release samples to show the power of SharePoint Add-ins. Don’t forget to join the monthly community calls to hear the updates from them directly on monthly releases and future concentration areas. Thanks to everyone who contributed in the previous release of the PnP from the community side. Your input is highly appreciated.

Here are the latest updates from the PnP team:

For more on PnP check out All questions related to released materials and guidance can be asked on our Yammer group at Office Dev PnP Yammer.

Dev Community blog posts

The Office 365 dev community has been busy this month. It is exciting to see the effort people put into their posts in their spare time to share with the community.

Check out these articles from the Microsoft field, MVPs and more:

Office Store

The Outlook team has stepped up efforts to integrate with leading solutions and to increase the prominence of the Store in Outlook products as well. August saw the addition of four well-known brands to our Mail add-in library: the Uber ride-sharing service, the PayPal electronic-payment service, the popular note-taking service Evernote, and Boomerang. Integrations are in the works with Yelp, Wunderlist and IFTTT (If This, Then That).

Full details are available here, but Boomerang offers a great example of one such Outlook integration.

BoomerangBoomerang‘s free Outlook integration lets you schedule emails for sending at the optimal time, reminds you to follow up on important messages that don’t get a response, and lets you schedule meetings with a single message by embedding a dynamically updated Free/Busy calendar right within the body of the email that’s visible even to recipients on other mail platforms! Like the other integrations mentioned above, Boomerang works on Outlook 2013, Outlook on the web, and is gradually rolling out to the 400+ million users of the consumer service. Outlook 2016 also features the Store button on the Home ribbon, making discoverability of Store solutions much easier.

Developer marketing

In mid-September, we released our sixth customer-evidence video touting partner solutions, on This newest video shows how a Seattle cloud-integration company, Azuqua, uses the D&B Business Solutions Excel add-in to more quickly qualify their customer leads and close deals, all within the Excel experience. We’ll soon start marketing this video site broadly, and worldwide, to tell the developer value proposition, and we aim to scale this program to include many of our recruited partners in the DX (Developer Evangelism Experience) program.

Upcoming events

There are plenty of events on the horizon. Don’t miss out on these great events with Office 365 content. Our team looks forward to meeting you all at these!

October 12 Unity Connect—Amsterdam
October 14 Dev Intersection—Amsterdam
October 26 Dev Intersection—Las Vegas
November 2–3 Microsoft Cloud Roadshow—Dallas
November 5–6 Microsoft Cloud Roadshow—New York
November 9–12 European SharePoint Conference
November 9–10 Microsoft Cloud Roadshow—Toronto
December 7–8 Microsoft Cloud Roadshow—Singapore
January 26–27 Microsoft Cloud Roadshow—Los Angeles
February 2–3 Microsoft Cloud Roadshow—Mexico City
February 22–23 Microsoft Cloud Roadshow— Dubai
February 25–26 Microsoft Cloud Roadshow—Bangalore
February 29–March 1 Microsoft Cloud Roadshow—London
March 3–4 Microsoft Cloud Roadshow—Copenhagen
March 10–11 Microsoft Cloud Roadshow—Hong Kong

For more events check out

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—Jeremy Thake


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