Office 365 offers a comprehensive compliance toolset that spans Exchange email, SharePoint and OneDrive for Business documents, and Skype conversations. Some customers store valuable information in Exchange public folders, and have requested that we broaden Office 365’s compliance solution to cover public folder data as well. Previously, external archiving solutions were required to meet this need.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the Office 365 archiving and eDiscovery toolset is being extended to include public folders. Customers can now place public folder content on hold to preserve it for legal or regulatory requirements. They can perform eDiscovery functions on public folder data, including search, preview and export. Entire public folders or specific content (based on keywords) can be preserved immutably. They can delete aged items out of public folders. And all administrative activities on public folders are fully audited. Throughout all these operations, users can continue to interact with public folder data without any change in their experience.

To perform an eDiscovery search on public folders, you simply specify “public folders” as the source.

Announcing compliance for public folders 1 

Specifying public folders as a source for an eDiscovery search.

If you choose to put public folder content on hold, we preserve that data immutably using a model similar to the Recoverable Items architecture that we use in regular mailboxes. A DiscoveryHolds folder is created to store the data in a way that is accessible to eDiscovery searches, but not accessible or editable by end users.

We’re excited to bring Office 365’s rich compliance offering to Public Folders. We’ll begin to roll out this offering worldwide in the coming weeks.


Published: 7/2/2015 18:16