Earlier this year Microsoft acquired Equivio, an eDiscovery software company focused on document analytics, to accelerate our efforts to help customers meet legal and compliance challenges. Today we’re excited to announce that eDiscovery capabilities powered by Equivio Zoom are coming soon to Office 365. Equivio Zoom will become available through a preview program starting in June, followed by a broader release before the end of this year. Here’s a closer look at how it works.

With Equivio Zoom you can better understand your Office 365 data and reduce your eDiscovery costs. Equivio Zoom helps you analyze unstructured data within Office 365, perform more efficient document review, and make decisions to reduce data for eDiscovery. You can work with data stored in Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Skype for Business. You can select groups, individual mailboxes and sites, as well as use keyword search to scope the data you want, and then easily analyze it with Equivio Zoom.

Analyze Office 365 data with Equivio Zoom 1 

More efficient document review

Equivo Zoom streamlines and speeds up the document review process by identifying redundant information with features like Near-Duplicate Detection, which provides information about how similar documents are to each other; and Thread Analysis, which identifies emails that contain other emails in a thread, allowing you to review just the unique emails rather than every single one. These features reduce document review costs significantly. And when you export data, the near-duplicate and email thread metadata are available to be loaded into other eDiscovery tools.

Analyze Office 365 data with Equivio Zoom 2 

Reduce data for eDiscovery

Equivio Zoom also offers a Relevance feature, which applies predictive coding technology to teach the system to identify relevant documents. Zoom learns from your tagging decisions on sample documents, and the system applies statistical and self-learning techniques to calculate the relevance of each document in the data set. This enables you to focus on key documents and make quick yet informed decisions on case strategy. By ranking documents by relevance, you can also precisely cull the data and prioritize review.

Analyze Office 365 data with Equivio Zoom 3 

Understand unstructured data

Themes and Search are powerful features for early case assessment and internal investigations that help you quickly map the collection and find key data points. Themes groups related documents, allowing you to identify topics of interest, drill down to discover more material, find similar documents, and intuitively explore your data set by following up on related themes. You can also use the typical search capabilities that you would expect, such as wildcards, Boolean logic, conceptual search and term expansion.

Analyze Office 365 data with Equivio Zoom 4 

To learn more about this technology, you can watch our eDiscovery Redefined: Real Time and In-Place session from the Microsoft Ignite conference earlier this month. The Equivio-specific content, including a demo, begins at the 36:50 mark in the recording.

We will provide additional updates on Equivio Zoom, including pricing and full technical details, in the coming months. In addition to enabling you to analyze Office 365 data, we’ll be adding the ability to send data to Equivio Zoom from Exchange Server 2016 and SharePoint Server 2016 on-premises environments.

If you are interested in participating in the invitation-only Preview program, please apply at, use referral code 8721. In the comments field of the nomination form tell us you are interested in Equivio and why you would be a great addition to the Preview program.

—Quentin Christensen, lead program manager at Microsoft



Published: 5/25/2015 10:23