On today’s Office Mechanics show, we’ll take a look at the new Office 2016 Public Preview on Windows 10—both on the desktop and on a phone. Ben Walters joins Jeremy Chapman again to the give an app-by-app tour of Office 2016 Public Preview on a Surface Pro 3 and a Lumia phone.


The Office 2016 Public Preview has been available since May 4th and today we are giving an early look at some of the capabilities coming to Office across Windows PCs and devices. There is more focus than ever on data analysis and visualization and in the show, Ben demonstrates what this means using the new chart types in Excel. Office 2016 makes it even easier to create, open, edit and save files in the cloud. We show how the attachment experience in Outlook integrates with OneDrive and automatically configures permissions for recipients. Beyond sharing files from a common location in the cloud, collaboration is also improved with real-time co-authoring—and we demonstrate what this will look like in Word on the show.

Office 2016 has new compliance and security controls coming—like Data Loss Prevention (DLP)—native in the application experiences for Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Secure authentication is coming to Outlook to add support for things like Multi-Factor Authentication and Information Rights Management (IRM) is coming to Visio. I demonstrate DLP in Excel and show how we can protect information like credit card and identity numbers using DLP policy.

Beyond the desktop, we also show the updated Windows Phone experience for Office. Ben highlights the richness and fidelity of the apps, including the new palette user interface to make the most of the reduced screen size. He also takes a round trip in the mail, calendar and reading experiences on the phone.

Of course in the short time we had, we were only able to scratch the surface on all the things coming to Office. To see it in action, be sure to watch the show!


Category: News
Published: 5/21/2015 17:46