Normally in our Office Mix posts, we explain one or more of the features for authoring new mixes. Today, want to share some cool things about the playback experience that you might not have noticed.

Slide Sorter view

One of the benefits of Office Mix is that mixes, unlike normal web videos, are partitioned by slides, not by time. For example, have you ever watched a web video, only to wish you could “go back” to a certain part and watch it again? Usually, to re-watch a portion of the video, you have to drag a timeline slider to start at just the right moment. With Office Mix, you just click the slide section on the timeline, which makes it easier to start playback at just the right time.

But it gets better. PowerPoint has a nifty feature called the Slide Sorter, which lets view multiple slides at the same time. We liked it so much that we applied the same idea to the player. When you watch a mix on, you can use the Slide Sorter to get a bird’s eye view of the entire online presentation. It’s a handy way to “jump in and out” of the mix, in just a few clicks.

Office Mix 1 

Slide Sorter view of an Office Mix online presentation.

The Slide Content feature

New mixes now sport Slide Content, a handy way to navigate within the online presentation. When watching a mix on, just scroll below the player window, and you’ll see a thumbnail of each slide plus some of the slide text. This feature can make it easy to see the key takeaways from the slide without having to watch the entire slide. But if you want to watch the slide, we’ve made that easy too. Each thumbnail is actually a link to the slide in the online presentation, so just click the image to start playback at that slide.

Office Mix 2 

The Slide Content of an Office Mix online presentation.

Thanks for reading. We’ll look forward to sharing more about Office Mix in the near future. Until next time,

Happy Mixing!​


Category: Office 365; News
Published: 3/11/2015 22:12