Last month we shipped a great time saving feature—playing a tour directly from any scene. This month we’ve improved Geocoding performance, made the Auto Fit feature for custom maps more accurate, and added another popularly requested feature as well—a quick way to select all items when filtering.

When we shipped Filtering back in September, we got a lot of positive feedback, as well as several new requests. One common request was to make it easier to select all of the items in the filter search results. Well now you can, just click the (Select All Search Results) check box and we’ll select not only the visible items for you but also the ones that are cut off because you have too many results. This is a very convenient way to explore your data through filtering by slowly narrowing it down.

PowerMap Dec 

There is no Office update in January due to the winter holidays, but we have some big things on tap for the first quarter. It’s going to be an exciting New Year. Happy Holidays from the Power Map team!


Category: Office 365; News
Published: 12/9/2014 17:58