​Holiday shopping can be hectic. There’s so much to do in a narrow window of time that sometimes we can lose sight of the cheer in it all. Let OneNote help you keep everything in its place—so you can stress a little less and enjoy each moment a little more.

Holiday gift lists

Keep track of everyone you’re buying for with organized wish lists in OneNote. (Even convert handwriting to text with OneNote 2013 to make a child’s list legible.) To simplify, categorize each list by person, store, or discount deals. When you’re shopping on the go, save time with the recently updated OneNote Clipper. Just clip a product you’re interested in and automatically save the most important information to your notebook for later. You can also choose to send the clipping to your inbox with the Email to OneNote feature.

Wish list ideas

If you’re stumped on what to buy, we’ve teamed up with The Gift Insider to bring you creative gift ideas for the special people in your life, even the most difficult to shop for. For gifts that keep on giving, @thegiftinsider suggests welcoming dad into the Hamptons Wine Club while mom gets pampered with a home spa of the month package. When shopping for a more personalized gift for her, show how you feel with unique soundwave art. For him, make this holiday a memorable one with a once-in-a-lifetime experience he’ll never forget from Cloud9Living. Get all of The Gift Insider’s holiday gift suggestions in the OneNote Gift Notebook.

Share the shopping duties

If multiple people are shopping for the same lucky person—divide and conquer by sharing a notebook and updating from anywhere on your phone, tablet or computer. Tag-team shopping is a great way to save time in a pinch or work together even if you’re thousands of miles apart. Include images, links and notes to guarantee you’re both on the same page. Don’t forget to cross off each task upon completion—it helps to avoid confusion, but even better is the rewarding sense of accomplishment.

OneNote can help keep you organized this holiday season. And don’t forget to scan and save your receipts with Office Lens in case of returns.

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Published: 12/4/2014 17:34