It’s just the nature of shipping software in a services world with Office 365—when we hear your feedback, we can respond with new features that fill your needs. In the case of Access 2013 web apps, one of the most frequent feature requests we heard from customers was the need for an easier way to view their web app data in Excel. Currently, the process for viewing your Access web app data within Excel involves many steps.

We’re proud to announce that a new feature called, “Download in Excel” is available to all of our Access 2013 Office 365 customers, which makes this process much simpler. The changes are on the server side which means you do not need to update your Access client program at all. This update is available for customers using Office 365 with Access Services so look for this feature soon within your web apps and try it out.

How does the Download in Excel feature work?

When viewing any datasheet views in your browser for your Access web app on Office 365, you’ll see the new Download in Excel button on the right side of the Action Bar, as shown in the following screenshot:

Download in Excel 1 

When you click the Download in Excel button, you are prompted to either open or save the spreadsheet. If you choose to open the spreadsheet, Excel downloads a copy of the data from the datasheet view and then immediately displays it within the familiar Excel interface, as shown in the following example:

Download in Excel 2 

Once you have the data in Excel, you can utilize the rich set of Excel features to perform different tasks such as:

Currently, you can download up to 10,000 records from a datasheet into Excel. If you do not want to show this option for specific datasheet views, you can hide the Action Bar for that view, which will hide the Download in Excel button.

We hope you enjoy this new Download in Excel feature within Access web apps for SharePoint, which opens up more scenarios for your custom web apps built on top of Office 365. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


Published: 11/21/2014 18:25