Today, Microsoft announced Office 365 Video, a new service of Office 365 that makes it easy to share video inside your organization. Office 365 Video is built on SharePoint Online, powered by Azure Media Services, and leverages Yammer and Office Graph to deliver a dynamic, mobile-optimized experience within Office 365. From onboarding new employees, to distributing a CEO message to the entire company, it makes video a first-class citizen.

We’re proud to pre-announce that Office Mix will let you publish to Office 365 Video from directly within PowerPoint. While we can’t yet share the date, we are very thankful to let you know it’s coming very soon.

Office Mix has always let you export a mix to video, and we’ve heard how much you loved being able to create a video from PowerPoint—for free. We’re now going to extend that capability from the individual to the organization with an end–to-end solution. You will be able to structure your video in PowerPoint, author and enhance it with Office Mix, host it in Office 365 Video, and share it securely within your organization—all without the need for special tools or services.

Soon, you’ll see the Publish to O365 Video button on the Mix tab on the PowerPoint ribbon. When you click it, the Office Mix pop up wizard will walk you through the publishing process.

Office Mix to Office 365 Video 1 

All you’ll have to do is sign in to Office 365, choose a title, description, and channel for your video and then click Publish. When publish processing is done, you can click View your video to see it in the Office 365 Video portal. It’s just that simple.

Office Mix to Office 365 Video 2 

Stay tuned to learn when this feature becomes available. Or download the latest version at today.


Category: Office 365; News
Published: 11/18/2014 15:58