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Three courses around Office 365 security are now available through the Microsoft Virtual Academy.

Exchange Online Protection (EOP)

If you’re looking to protect your organization from spam and malware, check out this course on Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP), a cloud-based email filtering service that even includes features to safeguard against messaging-policy violations. This course provides the details that IT professionals need to know about EOP, why EOP is necessary in your organization, how Microsoft has architected EOP to handle spam and malware, and how to deploy, configure and manage EOP.

Instructors—Shobhit Sahay-Microsoft technical product manager; Ori Kashi-Microsoft senior program manager ; Levon Esibov-Microsoft technical product manager; Vandana Kumbla-Microsoft senior program manager ; Carolyn Liu-Microsoft senior program manager

Encryption in Office 365

Are you interested in encryption? ​Protecting sensitive customer data is a top priority for Office 365. Encryption is used to protect customer data stored in Office 365 and Exchange when communicating with users inside and outside your organization. It’s important for administrators to not only understand how encryption is used and configured but also to understand what users need to do to help reduce support calls. This course looks at encryption from the perspective of administrators, senders and recipients. Don’t miss it!

Instructors—Shobhit Sahay-Microsoft technical product manager; Asaf Kashi-Microsoft group program manager

Data loss prevention (DLP) in Office 365

Every day in the news, you hear stories about security breaches—either deliberate or accidental—compromising sensitive data. Plus, each year, hundreds of millions of additional records are compromised and, although they may be less noteworthy, they are just as sensitive. In this course, examine how to configure, customize, and monitor the data loss prevention (DLP) features provided through Office 365. Learn how the rich DLP functionality seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Exchange, Outlook, Outlook Web App (OWA) and SharePoint, providing context, user education and information protection.

Instructors—Shobhit Sahay-Microsoft technical product manager; Asaf Kashi-Microsoft group program manager


Published: 11/17/2014 18:42