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Like earlier versions of Office, the new Word 2013 also has a new cool feature that would allow you to Publish Word Documents directly to your SharePoint 2013 Blog. Lets look at the Steps in detail.

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Steps –
1. Open a Word 2013 document and select the Files tab.
2. Under “Share” select “Post to Blog”

3. Next you would be presented by a Popup to Register your SharePoint 2013 Blog. Select “Register Now”.

4. Next Select the SharePoint blog in the New Blog Account Popup.

5. Next add the SharePoint Blog Url and select Ok. Wait for the Word to Create the Connection.

Once done you would see the Success message as below.

6. Now add some Content in your Document. Add the Title of your Post and Content below it.
Once done Publish the blog Post using the Publish button.

7. Verify if the new blog post has been Published by Navigating to your Blog.

The Images added to the Word Doc is added to the default Photo Library that exist in the SharePoint 2013 blog.

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Published: 7/28/2014 10:12