We have made investments to scale up the limits for Public Folders in Office 365. Today we are raising the folder count limit to 100,000 folders. This is a 10x increase over the prior limit as defined in the Exchange service description limits. This enables migration of larger existing public folder hierarchies and increased use of the feature in Office 365. Customers can immediately take advantage of this new scale for public folders.

Public Folders in Exchange admin center 

As you scale the number of public folders in the service you might need to keep track of the number of folders. Exchange Online remote PowerShell provides an easy way to see the current public folder count in Office 365. Using the Get-PublicFolder and Measure-Object cmdlets you can readily get a current count of your public folders created in Office 365.

Get-PublicFolder –Recurse –ResultSize Unlimited | Measure-Object
Count   : 40051
Average :
Sum     :
Maximum :
Minimum :
Property :

This is the first round in the public folder scale improvements we are working to deliver as we shared in the Exchange team blog post. Scale improvements are targeted to be delivered to Exchange Server 2013 in cumulative update 6.

-Brian Shiers

Frequently asked questions

Q: Does the increase in folder count change the number of public folder mailboxes or quota for public folders?

A: The number of public folder mailboxes and the total public folder quota remain unchanged. These limits are documented in the Exchange Online service description section for sharing and collaboration.

Q: How do I know of the limit has been increased for my tenant?

A: You don’t need to check. The folder count limit has been increased for all Exchange Online tenants with public folders.

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Published: 7/16/2014 11:42