Be aware that the entire URL will be decommissioned by the end of June. The URL will be redirecting to

The URL is being decommissioned as the content there was Wave 14 (previous Office 365 version) content and was not maintained as evergreen content. The same is true for any Exchange Online only articles in Most of the articles in are Exchange online articles, while some are for specific Exchange Server content. The specific server content will remain while the Exchange Online content will be going away.

Once the search indexes are updated this will be a lot easier for customers as Bing/Google results won’t have these outdated articles at the top. Microsoft will be adding links to new content or redirection but we also know that there are plenty of URLs that get saved in bookmarks or other locations as well.



Recommended replacement

Being removed entirely


Some articles being decommissioned


Published: 6/24/2014 20:42