The Office 365 Trust Center has always been the place where we provide open and transparent information about how we run Office 365 and our commitment to our customers’ data privacy, security and compliance requirements. Microsoft is excited to launch a significant update to the Office 365 Trust Center, providing even greater information and insight for their customers.


A key aspect of the Trust Center update is our new video and blog series titled “From Inside the Cloud” that shows how we design and manage Office 365 – hearing directly from the engineers who build and run the service.

The choice to use any cloud service for business critical services requires not just thorough due diligence and proper evaluation – it comes down to trust. Trust is essential in any healthy partnership and we know that trust must be earned. With that in mind, our new “From Inside the Cloud” series centers on providing in-depth understanding of Office 365, directly from the subject matter experts, so you have the information and insight to trust.

In our first video, we address the baseline set of customer expectations in “Why Trust Office 365?”



When choosing a cloud service provider, we know that you want and expect to be the sole owner of your data, maintaining complete visibility and control of your data. This core expectation of data ownership translates into a set of engineering principles that we use to build and run Office 365. This includes ensuring our customers’ know where their data is stored, who has access to it and the ability to extract all the data if a customer leaves Office 365.

Beyond data ownership, we also know that security, privacy and compliance are essential to having trust in Office 365. And, since each customer is unique, you need assurances that Office 365 can meet your specific needs that vary by industry and geography, among other aspects.

In our second video, Vivek Sharma explains a key security topic of how we protect your data at rest.



Coming up we will address other topics about data ownership, security, privacy and compliance, including: Who has access to your data? What does it mean to own your data? Is your data safe in transit? How does Office 365 meet your specific compliance needs?

And, if there are other topics you want to know more about, let us know! We will continue to address more topics based on your feedback in the “From Inside the Cloud” blog posts.

If you are a compliance or security officer needing to check specific requirements or you just want to learn more, don’t forget to bookmark the Office 365 Trust Center for your information needs.


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Published: 5/15/2014 6:02