This week Jeremy Chapman is joined by Yammer and enterprise social expert, Christophe Fiessinger, to give a preview of what’s coming with Yammer and Groups spanning Office 365 services for mail, collaboration and social. Christophe demonstrates upcoming changes within inline commenting and integrated collaboration experiences – proving that social is not just a single browser-based destination, but woven throughout Office 365.


Today we have a special 10 minute show, covering the latest on enterprise social with Yammer and beyond – where we demonstrate the latest work to weave social into the fabric of how we work and communicate in Office 365. I’m joined by the enterprise social lead Christophe Fiessinger for Office 365, who offers a sneak peak on upcoming functionality. The show was filmed live at the SPC conference just after we previewed upcoming advancements in the keynote.

The main premise is that social is not a single destination or Website, we’ve done a lot of work to integrate social across Office 365 application experiences to realize how you can work with more agility and like a network.

Office Graph, Inline Social and Groups

The exciting thing about the direction that we are taking with enterprise social is that the underpinning technology Office Graph which we previewed early March during our Garage show on Code Named Oslo and Office Graph, means that conversations relevant to what you are working on, just find you.

Also with Inline social, you can have conversations within specific content that you may be working on which Christophe demonstrates with PowerPoint and video. You can find more in Jared Spataro’s blog Work like a network!  Enterprise social and the future of work.

We also demonstrate how you can scope your work network through Groups that you can set up. The advantage of setting up groups to network around specific projects that you may be working on is that in turn you can fluidly communicate inline across applications such as email, calendars and files and unify related conversations, with the people identified within your group. On March 31, Steve Chew described in detail the concept of groups in his post about the evolution of email, so you’ll want to check that our for more information.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on this stuff, we’ll be rolling out this functionality incrementally throughout the year, starting this Spring.


Published: 4/22/2014 11:43