Holster your smartphones, tablets and PCs, we’re going on a journey to the past–don’t worry we’ll get you back to 2014 in no time.

A lot can change in over a decade. If you take a retroactive look at your past self, you most likely had different tastes, preferences, interests, and views than you do today. Not surprisingly, a lot has changed in the world over the past decade as well. In the early 2000s, we were excited about our new camera phones, browsing the shelves of our local movie rental stores, and predominantly communicating via phone calls and emails (and dare we say, snail mail) – social media was a far and away concept.

As much as the world has shifted culturally over the past decade, technology, undoubtedly, has changed the most dramatically. Over ten years ago we introduced Office 2003 into the market, and at the time it was on the cutting edge of productivity – it sported a new Office logo, gave birth to OneNote and had a new look and feel that excited our customers. But Office 2003 no longer meets the needs of the way we work, play and live today. For this reason, it is time to say farewell to Office 2003 and embrace the productivity solution of today – Office 365.*

The days of editing documents via multiple attachments, iterations and printouts are behind us. Office 365 harnesses the power of the cloud to make getting things done easier and faster, regardless of your location or device. With Office 365, creating files is just the tip of the iceberg. You can now share and collaborate with family members in real-time. Whether you’re using free Skype world minutes to call your cousin in Italy or co-authoring with your family to create the perfect PowerPoint for grandma’s birthday, one thing is clear, the Office of today if is the most expansive and capable of any version in our history. You can also share your Office 365 account with up to five other people – making it a breeze to store all of your vacation photos in the cloud to instantly share your memories amongst your circle of friends and family.

Plus, if your hard drive crashes there is no need to panic (we’ve all been there), with Office 365 all of your files will be safe and sound in the cloud. And you’ll never have to worry about outdated software, security installs, or purchasing a CD with an installation code again – Office 365 is always up-to-date, equipped with built in security and available to purchase online (no CD required!).

The early 2000s were great, but we couldn’t be happier to be where we are today. We’re better connected, flexible and more productive. It feels good to be modern – join us, by upgrading to Office 365 today. Learn more here.

*Support for Windows XP and Office 2003 will end on April 8, 2014. You can learn more here.

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Published: 4/7/2014 22:23