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​Office 365 is not only an outstanding suite of cloud-based productivity tools for end users and a comprehensive solution for businesses and organizations of all sizes, it’s also a great platform for developers. That has never been clearer than it was at the recent Build developer conference in San Francisco, where we announced a slew of new Office opportunities for developers and showed how Microsoft is reimagining Office for a new era of computing.

First, we’ve expanded the capabilities of Microsoft Graph so developers can build smarter apps—powered by data and insights from Office 365. Second, we’re extending Office add-ins already available with Office 2013 to Office for Mac, making it easier for companies such as Uber, Yelp and Starbucks to integrate their services directly into Office across major platforms. Next, we showed how developers can use the new Skype Web SDK, Skype for Business App SDK and Office 365 Connectors to facilitate intelligent, contextual conversations through voice, video and messaging on a variety of devices.

After sharing these current enhancements with developers, we also gave them a glimpse of the future by demonstrating two Office inking experiences designed to make pen and ink a primary way for users to input information across the Office apps. Finally, we announced that preview versions of the Office Universal apps are available in the Windows Store for download on HoloLens Development Edition, which will empower developers to easily create amazing user experiences on HoloLens by leveraging their pre-existing code.

Ultimately, of course, the work of all Office 365 developers is meant to enhance the Office experience for enterprise organizations, small businesses and individual users. Here at Microsoft, we’ve continued to improve security and compliance and administration in Office 365. And we recently rolled out a new, more intuitive home page for Office 365 users, to give them more consistent and unified experiences across every device they use.

It’s all about making sure that Office 365 continues to give our customers an exceptional experience every day, on every device, wherever their life and their work may take them.

Below is a roundup of some key news items from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

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Published: 4/16/2016 13:01