One of the cool features of Windows Azure Active Directory (WAAD) is that we can brand the login page of Office 365. This makes it a lot more comfortable for companies to use the WAAD for all the web/cloud services. The first thing you need to do is to Opt Your Login Page.

Go to and Opt in your login page. You can test by browsing to or or even my fellow MVP Sean McNeill

The second part that you need to do is to Sign Up the premium features of Windows Azure Active Directory.

  • Go to the Windows Azure management portal:
  • Go to Active Directory
  • Select your Directory
  • Sign Up for features in preview
  • Select Windows Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Connect it to a Subscription



Once the signup is complete go back to your directory and you’ll see a button  Enable Active Directory Premium

Ok, once you’ve done this, it’s time to customize our branding page. In this case we’ll add our own picture and add our logo to the login page. To read all about the possibilities and requirements go to this TechNet site:

So Logon on to your Windows Azure Management Portal and go to Active Directories. Select your tenant and go to configure. If you activate your Premium features on your Active Directory you should see this button.


Click on Customize Branding. Select your default branding (or create a new one, it’s up to you). And click on the right arrow.

Change the Banner Logo, add some text to help the user understand the page and maybe change the Sign In Page Illustration. The tile logo -according to TechNet- is not used in the Sign In page. In the future, this text may be used to replace the generic “organizational account” pictogram in different places of the experience.

Time to test it:

Note: The text, the logo, … immediately success. The sign in page image … not so. Although TechNet says 1400*1200. That didn’t work for me. I resized it to 80% of that and victory. So make sure you stay under the dimensions of TechNet = 1400*1200 & 500 KB.

: the error messages are not really helping. The error message said “Something unexpected happened”. So you are on your own to find the real error.

Note: had also an issue with a transparent PNG. Converted it to JPG, worked like a charm.




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Published: 12/17/2013 21:54