Office 365 Helper Scripts

Microsoft has released some nice script to support your transition to Office 365. The scripts released supports you as an Office 365 administrator with your daily administration tasks like Assigning Licenses, Creating usage reports and reset passwords. The following script are provided:

• AssignLicenseByDG(assign lisences to O365 users)
• GetMsolTenantSkuUsage(collects all O365 lisencing information)
• GetSyncedObjectCount(returns the number of synced objects to O365)
• NewDirSyncPowerShellShortcut(Create PS shortcuts for Dirsync)
• NewRandomPasswordFile(generates a random password)
• SetMsolUserPasswordFromCSV(sets the O365 password for non federated users)
• GetMsolUserReport(User report with all general & mail related information)
• GetTotalUsersGroupsContactsInForest(script searches AD, calculates  total of users, groups, contacts)

The scripts a very useful and very well documented. You can download the scripts from the following website:

Category: How to do; Servers
Published: 12/11/2013 11:17