We all have mobile devices which we use to read our mails, documents and other sensitive stuff…

What to do when you’re precious device is lost or even stolen or you just fired somebody and want to wipe their device before the leave with sensitive data …

When you are not an admin

  1. Open your mailbox by clicking on outlook
  2. Open the Gear Wheel and go to options
  3. Click on Phone
  4. Select your Mobile device
  5. Click Wipe

When you are an admin and you

  1. Open your exchange admin
  2. Select the Recipient you want to wipe the mobile devices of
  3. On the right side and scroll to to mobile devices and click on look View Details
  4. Select the Mobile devices one by one
  5. Click Wipe

Admin’s can also choose to block instead of wipe.

Category: How to do; Servers
Published: 12/8/2013 10:00