The Outlook team is passionate about making your life easier by helping you manage and make the most of your time. We believe this starts by having a clear and complete view of what your day looks like. Today, Outlook provides the ability to view calendars from, Office 365, Gmail, iCloud and more—all in one place—with your email, contacts and files all quickly accessible as well. But we know your digital world is so much bigger than that.

This is why we are launching Calendar Apps for Outlook on iOS and Android. With Calendar Apps, you can connect your apps—Wunderlist, Facebook and Evernote to start with—to see all your tasks, events and notes from your digital life in one place: your Outlook calendar. By connecting your calendar with a wide range of services, Outlook will be able to provide you with a far better view of your day, week and months ahead.

Those of you who use and love Sunrise will be familiar with this capability. Since the Sunrise team joined Outlook, we’ve been hard at work bringing all the goodness and extra features from their app directly into our calendar to give you a single, powerful app for managing your personal and professional life. Calendar Apps, along with a two-week mini-calendar, three-day view and iOS calendar widget, have already made it to Outlook, with Connected Calendars up next.

Let’s take a quick look at how Outlook’s calendar can keep you on top of it all.


Introducing Wunderlist Facebook and Evernote in Outlook on iOS and Android 1

Outlook calendar with the Facebook, Wunderlist and Evernote Calendar Apps.


Wunderlist is a simple to-do list app that helps you get stuff done. With Wunderlist’s new Calendar App for Outlook, you can get an overview of your most-pressing to-dos, in the place where you plan and schedule your day—your Outlook calendar! We think it’s productivity perfection.

To get started, connect your Wunderlist account with Outlook. Simply swipe from the left while in Outlook’s calendar and next to Calendar Apps tap the Add button. Now, thanks to a little Outlook-Wunderlist magic, all of your to-dos with a due date appear on your calendar in the All Day section. But what about your all-important notes? Just tap to-do and you’ll have all the details you need.


GIF wunderlist final

Pro tip—In Outlook’s calendar menu, you can select the lists you want to view on your calendar and specify colors to make your important tasks stand out.

Wunderlist also recently released an add-in for users of the new, Outlook 2013/2016 and Outlook on the web for Office 365. Learn more and install the add-in on their blog.


Facebook’s mission is to help people connect and spend time together in the real world. One of the features that helps people coordinate and plan events with their friends and family is Facebook Events.

After connecting your Facebook account to Outlook, you can view any event you’re invited to or have accepted, as well as your friends’ birthdays. Once you open an event, you can RSVP and view event details and location. If you need additional information, just tap Open in Facebook to jump right into the Facebook app. You’ll never miss your cousin’s birthday again!


Introducing Wunderlist Facebook and Evernote in Outlook on iOS and Android 2


Evernote gets you effortlessly organized with notes, to-dos and more. Whether preparing notes for a big meeting or tracking your grocery list, having those notes available on your calendar when you need them makes your whole day easier.

Set a reminder on a note and it will appear on your calendar, complete with a link to the note. Outlook not only shows you what’s important in your day, it gives you immediate access to the information you’ve placed in Evernote, so you’re always prepared.


GIF evernote final

Evernote also has an add-in for the new, and Office 365 users with Outlook 2013/2016 or Outlook on the web.

Have an idea for Calendar Apps? Let us know by submitting a new feature idea or voting for an existing one in our in-app support (Settings > Help & Support > Suggest a Feature). Stay tuned for more to come, including additional Calendar Apps and integrations with Skype for Business, OneNote and more. We know your digital world is large and Outlook is here to help you stay connected and on top of it all.

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Published: 4/8/2016 17:39