​Last May, we highlighted how Office 365 and Dynamics CRM work together to help boost productivity. Now, with capabilities spanning Office 365 Groups, the Office Graph and inherited Protection Center controls, the integration goes much deeper.

This week, Microsoft Mechanics goes hands-on with the latest Dynamics CRM to highlight Office 365 integration for sellers, admins and developers. Eric Boocock from the Dynamics team joins me to demonstrate how CRM creates Office 365 Groups to improve collaboration and how you can access CRM data in the context of email with the Outlook add-in. The updated experiences can also leverage Azure Machine Learning to create cross-sell recommendations and Cortana to report interactive insights from Windows 10.

Of course, the new experiences go beyond what CRM users see; for administrators the Office 365 user management controls also extend to security and compliance for CRM-generated data. Eric shows how you can enable:

  • Office 365 Groups to automatically generate new groups.
  • Document Management to build SharePoint and OneDrive folder structures.
  • Office Graph to help users find trending files.
  • Advanced information protection and compliance controls in the Office 365 Protection Center.

Beyond that, you can now deliver CRM Online via Azure ExpressRoute for predictable network performance, availability and data privacy—just like with Office 365—and there’s even more on the horizon. Check out the show to see and learn more.

—Jeremy Chapman

Office 365 integration and updates to Dynamics CRM FI


Category: News; Office 365
Published: 3/11/2016 9:03