Today is the launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365 ! This comes with a number of changes:   

 “Effective November 1st, 2016 users will access their previous CRM Online instances via the Dynamics 365 home page at . The tile that was previously labeled “CRM” in the Office app launcher will appear as Dynamics 365 and point to this new page. Also, any bookmarked links to a CRM Online instance will continue to work.” 

 Office 365 app launcher

Here are the old and new icons from the app launcher, further info is available here

The changes of licenses are various:

 “The existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online plan will be retired effective November 1, 2016”

 You can stay on whatever licenses you are on for the remainder of the term and then there are new plans like Dynamics 365 for Customer Service to transition to.

Here is how Dynamics 365 fits into the overall Microsoft ecosystem


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