Here is a resume of recent announcements within Office 365.

Microsoft StaffHub (General Availability 01/12/2017)

What does it address?

  • 500M frontline staff workers around the world, in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing and other service-related industries.
  • Employees that typically don’t have an office, desk or computer, making it hard to access and share information important to their jobs.
  • Often these employees rely on manual processes and outdated tools – cumbersome creation and printing of paper schedules, bulletin boards crammed with notes and a flurry of phone calls and text messages to cover shifts.

What areas does StaffHub focus on?

1.Schedule management – Create and publish shift schedules and allow staff to request time off or swap shifts

2.Information sharing – Send messages and share documents, presentations and videos with the workgroup

3.Connect to other apps and resources – Integrate with popular workforce management systems and link to internal apps or resources

How do customers get it?

Starting today, StaffHub is available worldwide for customers with an E1, E3, E5 or K1 plan. The app is available on the web, iOS and Android – in 15 languages.

Read more at –

Employees have access to all their shift information, including the ability to easily swap shifts with others right from the Microsoft StaffHub mobile app. No more having to go into the breakroom at work to look at the bulletin board.


Note: I will do an article next week regarding how to setup StaffHub.

PSTN Services Expansion

Announcement: Expansion of PSTN Services on February 1, 2017

Skype for Business is excited to announce that on February 1, 2017, PSTN Services will be expanding to new markets and segments:

PSTN Calling will launch in Spain. All PSTN Calling features will be available in Spain including Domestic, International, and Small and Medium calling plans. Calling plans will include 1,200 minutes p/u/m for Domestic calling and 600 minutes p/u/m for International calling.  For additional details on minute limits, excessive usage, and consumption billing, please visit for the latest Office 365 Licensing information.


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