This is the 25th email that Microsoft has sent to Tenant Admin’s his Newsletter with Office 365 changes.

This Weekly digest is intended to reach the Administrators of Office 365 within the latest changes that are happening to Office 365.

Bellow are an example that can be applied to your tenant, because this email’s are based on the services that you have in your Tenant and subscription.

Note: My Tenant is based on Europe with First Release Enabled


You have 8 new Office 365 Message center announcements from last week

Organization: NUNO SILVA


Jul 14 Updated feature: Message Center Weekly Digest
We’re expanding our rollout of the Message Center Weekly Digest, so that you can review Message Center communications via email. Important notifications from the Office 365 team should be available where you do work – in your inbox. With this release, Message Center can be accessed in the Admin Center, Admin Mobile App, and Service Communications API, and now email. The Weekly Digest capability is already available to Office 365 admins who are configured for First Release in tenants set to…More …
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Jul 14 New feature: Skype for Business Call Analytics Preview
Call Analytics in Skype for Business is a new Office 365 feature that is now available for preview. This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID 16253.More …
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Jul 14 New feature: Improved search and auto detection of image types in OneDrive
We’re improving the search capability in OneDrive that will autodetect new content such as images, focusing on the objects most likely used at work. You’ll begin seeing this new feature in the coming days. This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID 18243. While our goal is to ensure that we notify you in advance of upcoming changes, we acknowledge that we did not provide timely notice for this change. We will continue to look for ways to improve our notifications.More …
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Jul 12 New feature: Peer Supported Onboarding in Yammer
We are rolling out a new Yammer notification capability to a limited number of users in Office 365. Peer supported onboarding notifications are intended to help improve the onboarding experience by enabling existing users to add new users to groups. This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID 15139.More …
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Jul 12 New feature: Visio Online Public Preview
Visio Online is a new Office 365 feature which is now in Public Preview. This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID 18504.More …
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Jul 11 New feature: Microsoft Forms Preview
Microsoft Forms is a simple and lightweight app for creating polls, surveys, and quizzes that lets your users easily gather customer feedback, measure satisfaction, learn what employees think, organize team events, and more. It works on any web browser, and includes features such as themes, logo and image support, real time responses, automatic charts, question branching, and support for collaboration. With this Preview, we will also be upgrading the Excel Survey feature, which will be…More …
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Jul 11 New feature: Office 365 navigation bar
We’re improving the Office 365 navigation bar by simplifying the design of the ‘Me Control’ for both web and mobile users. You’ll begin seeing this new feature in the coming days.More …
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Jul 10 New feature: Sharepoint Online – Exit classic experience
Currently, you are able to return from a list or library to the classic experience using the “Return to classic SharePoint” or “auto-detect automatically”, but it is difficult to exit from it. We’re adding a route back from the classic list and library experience in SharePoint Online.More …
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You can view more messages on your portal, just go to Message center.

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