When starting your career, it’s important to build your network and seek opportunities to meet other people in your field. Knowing people in our industries, and creating a network, is a path to success.

I started building my network in 1990’s when I was 14 years old and when Windows 3.0 was released. I created a local community in my small town where I was born. Some friends and I founded an association called AJIP (Associação Juvenil de Informática de Portalegre – Portuguese name). In English it’s called IT Youth Association of Portalegre (my home town). We created this association in a town that only had about 20,000 people. Our objective was to promote Information Technologies to teenagers, and to look at the IT world in a different way to help future generations become more productive using new technologies. Our association had a Radio program called Multimedia Space to share our ideas of IT and its future. We also created local events and a newspaper. To share information between members, we created a BBS (Bulletin Board System).

It was our version of “Teams” during that era. This was how we created an association with 300 members in a small town in the 90s before the World Wide Web arrived.

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