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This Weekly digest is intended to reach the Administrators of Office 365 within the latest changes that are happening to Office 365.

Bellow are an example that can be applied to your tenant, because this email’s are based on the services that you have in your Tenant and subscription.

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Organization: NUNO SILVA


Apr 05 What’s new in Microsoft Teams: April update
In March, we continued our work to make Microsoft Teams an even more powerful hub for teamwork, and we’re rolling out a number of updates over the course of the coming weeks. This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap IDs: 24244, 24190, 24188, 24191 and 24167.More …
Apr 07 Updated feature: Outlook meetings with more than 500 recipients can now be updated and cancelled
We are rolling out a feature update to prevent an issue where a meeting cannot be updated or cancelled because it has too many recipients. This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID: 23920.More …
Apr 07 We’re replacing the Public Newsfeed in SharePoint Online
In June 2018, we’ll be making changes to the native social features in SharePoint Online. We will be:Making the public newsfeed read-only.Removing the option to implement the Newsfeed feature in navigation and through Tenant Administration.Instead of using these features, we recommend using Team News, Communication Sites, and/or Yammer.More …


Apr 05 Updated feature: Office 365 sign-in u ser interface
We’re updating the sign-in experience. We’ll begin rolling this feature out in early-May.This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID 20525.More …
Apr 05 Hybrid architecture for Exchange customers enables Outlook mobile and security
We’re announcing a new architecture for Exchange Server and Office 365 hybrid customers that unlocks Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) capabilities for Outlook for iOS and Android. With Hybrid Modern Authentication, Exchange customers can combine the power of Outlook with Azure Conditional Access and Intune App Protection Policies to securely manage corporate messaging on mobile devices. For Exchange Server mailboxes, the new Outlook mobile architecture is built directly into the…More …
Apr 04 Your Microsoft Stream Trial is expiring
  Act By: Apr 15
We hope you had an opportunity to explore the features and functionality of your Microsoft Stream Trial. We encourage you to continue using Stream as part of your Office 365 plan. More …
Apr 03 We are retiring the Office Mix Preview
  Act By: Apr 30
We will be retiring the Office Mix service on May 1, 2018, and your users need to take action to save your content.Please make sure to migra te all of your content from Office Mix to Microsoft Stream or download your Mixes before M???ay 1, to avoid losing any of your data.More …
Apr 03 New feature: Custom metadata integration with modern SharePoint Online pages and news
We’re excited to announce the availability of custom metadata integration with modern SharePoint Online pages and news. With this change, modern pages will take advantage of custom columns added to a pages library, which will enable grouping and organization of modern pages. This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID: 27251.More …
Apr 03 Updated feature: eDiscovery Case Holds, Search and Export Modernization
We’re updating the eDiscovery case holds, search and export interface to match the user experience of the security & compliance center, and also includes elimination of pop-up windows in the user experience. Additionally, the content search experience has been refreshed to align to the case search experience.This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID: 20751.More …
Apr 03 We’ve made a change to the Microsoft Trust Center
As you might be aware, Microsoft discloses the names of subcontractors who have access to customer data and provides advance notice of new subcontractors. As a commitment to transparency, anytime we add new vendors/subcontractors, we disclose this information in the Microsoft Trust Center and send you a notification about this change.More …
Apr 03 New feature: Request sign-off now available in SharePoint Online
Request sign-off is a new SharePoint Online feature. We’ll begin rolling this feature out in mid-April.This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID: 20507.More …
Apr 03 New feature: Microsoft To-Do Steps
Microsoft To-Do Steps is a new Office 365 feature that supports adding subtasks to your to-dos. We’ll begin rolling this feature out in the next few days. This message is only applicable to organizations with subscriptions that include Microsoft To-Do.More …
Apr 02 Updated feature: New theming for additional SharePoint Online site templates
  Major Update: General Availability
In early April 2018, we will begin enabling the modern site theming experience for all site templates. Currently, it’s only available for Group-connected team and communication sites. This new theming model incorporates the latest site theming capabilities and improves overall performance of applying themes. This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID: 27252.More …
Apr 02 Updated feature: Streamlined sharing dialog now available in OneDrive for Business mobile applications
We’re updating the sharing dialog in OneDrive for Business mobile applications. We’ll begin rolling this feature out in the next few days. This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID: 27009.More …
Apr 02 We’re making changes to Office 365 IP Address range and URL publication
We’re making some changes to how Office 365 IP Addresses and URLs are published. Starting today, we’re providing the data on new REST based Web Services and on October 2nd, we will stop publishing the previous HTML, XML, and RSS format of this data.More …
Apr 02 New feature: Microsoft Teams retention policies are now available
Retention policies for Microsoft Teams conversations is a new Office 365 feature. We’ll begin rolling this feature out over the course of the next few weeks. This message is associated with Office 365 Roadmap ID: 24188.More …
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