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Message center announcements,
October 4-10, 2021


Major updates


(Updated) Removing Message Trace in SCC. Move Custom Queries to Message Trace in the new Modern EAC.


Act by: November 1


MC275807 | October 8 – Updated October 08, 2021: Based on recent customer feedback, we will delay retiring Message Trace from the Security and Compliance Center to make sure we provide the best experience for Message Trace in the new Modern Exchange Admin Center. This feature is now scheduled for removal from the Security and Compliance Center in November 2021 . The improved Message Trace feature can be found in the new Modern EAC along with the other mail flow reports and features.Attention: We will be retiring…


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(Updated) Reminder: Update to Microsoft 365 and Outlook for Windows connectivity


Act by: November 1


MC288472 | October 8 – Updated October 08, 2021: We have updated the content below with additional details for clarity. Thank you for your feedback. 30-day/Final Reminder (MC229143 – DEC ’20 and MC274503 – July ’21): To ensure that we meet performance expectations, we are updating the supported versions of Outlook for Windows that can connect to Microsoft 365 services. Starting November 1, 2021, the following versions of Outlook for Windows, as part of Office and Microsoft 365 Apps, will not be able to connect with…


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M365 Records Management & Information Governance – Update on file deletion behavior when using a retention label in SPO


MC289965 | October 8 – To improve consistency of user experience between OneDrive and SharePoint, the behavior of any retention label set to “retain items for a specific period” in SharePoint will change to allow users to “delete” the document which will then be preserved in the Preservation Hold Library until the specified period expires.In response to your great feedback and provide more flexibility for different organizations, we have added the ability to configure this behavior for your tenant.The default will be…


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Feature update: A maximum of 500 results will now be detected per SIT for online classification


MC290048 | October 8 – We are implementing a maximum number (500) of unique instances detected for each Sensitive Information Type (SIT) per document scanned.


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Microsoft Viva: Praise History in Microsoft Viva Insights


MC289968 | October 7 – The Praise app in Microsoft Teams is designed to help recognize the effort that goes into the wide-ranging, collaborative work that Teams users do. Users can send Praise to their colleagues through the messaging extension pinned to the Teams messaging bar for most users or through the Microsoft Viva Insights app in Teams. With Praise history, users will be able to view their sent and received praise over the past six months. Praise history will be shown in Viva Insights and will include Praise…


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(Updated) We’re updating the Hybrid federated search


Act by: October 10


MC270671 | October 7 – Updated October 07, 2021: We have extended the timeline outlined below to provide additional time to take action. We are making changes to Hybrid federated search, also called Inbound Hybrid Search, where users search from the SharePoint Online in the Microsoft 365 Search Center to display hybrid results from SharePoint Server. In modernizing search in Microsoft 365, we are updating the infrastructure used by SharePoint Server’s Hybrid federated search. As part of the process, customers who are…


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(Updated) Teams Meeting Recordings Auto-Expiration in OneDrive and SharePoint


MC274188 | October 7 – Updated October 07, 2021: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Additionally, We have updated this post to correct the setting modification capability limitations and will provide an additional update when those limitations are corrected. As part of the evolution of the new Stream (built on SharePoint), we are introducing the meeting recording auto-expiration feature, which will automatically delete Teams recording files stored in OneDrive or SharePoint after a preset period of time….


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Macro Settings Update to Disable Excel 4.0 Macros by Default


MC289724 | October 6 – We are introducing a change to the Excel Trust Center Macro settings to provide a more secure experience for users by default. This new default behavior will disable Excel 4.0 macros.Note: Users who have already configured this setting or have a group policy configuration in place will not be affected by this change.


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We’re making changes to LinkedIn integration with the Microsoft 365 people card


MC289687 | October 6 – Users will no longer be required to bind their LinkedIn account to their Microsoft 365 account to view LinkedIn information on the profile card in Outlook for the Web. The contact email address is automatically submitted to LinkedIn for lookup (but not stored), and where a match is found, basic public information will be included in the Microsoft 365 profile card. Users will still have to bind if they want to see relationship info or info only visible to themselves and not public e.g….


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Change to mailbox forwarding behavior coming to Exchange Online


Act by: November 5


MC289686 | October 6 – We’re making some changes to which forwarded messages are rewritten with Sender Rewriting Scheme (SRS).Starting in early November, we will be further consolidating our rewriting for messages that are automatically forwarded outside of Exchange Online. Not all forwarded messages are rewritten using SRS today. Messages forwarded with SMTP or mailbox forwarding have their P1 Mail From address replaced with the forwarding mailbox address today. This will be changing and SRS rewriting will be used…


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(Updated) Excel Power View Retirement


MC284624 | October 6 – Updated October 06, 2021: We have made the decision to not proceed with the retirement of Power View from Microsoft 365. Thank you for your feedback.You can safely disregard the content below.—-Original message for reference—Silverlight, a component used in Power View, will no longer be supported beginning on October 12th. In response, we will be starting the process to retire Power View from Microsoft 365. As an alternative to Power View, we recommend using Power BI Desktop, which is where…


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Microsoft Teams: A new search results page is coming


MC289446 | October 5 – A new search results experience in Teams for Desktop clients will be launched to make finding messages, people, answers and files faster and more intuitive. This redesigned search results page features better context, faster results, improved filtering capabilities with AI-powered relevance based on the people and content you engage with most in Teams and other Microsoft 365 services.


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Additional updates


Users may need to take action to access OneDrive for Business from


Act by: October 14


MC289953 | October 7 – We’ve identified and corrected an issue with users’ ability to access OneDrive for Business through the navigation menu. This issue was caused by a recently deployed code change and while we’ve resolved the underlying issue, action is required to mitigate the impact for affected users. We previously communicated this issue to you via OD289670 in the Service Health Dashboard.


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Reminder: IE11 desktop application retires in 9 months on June 15, 2022 – Set up IE mode today (non-LTSC, non-Server)


Act by: June 15


MC288052 | October 7 – Updated October 07, 2021: We have updated the content below for additional clarity.As announced in MC257152 (May 2021), the future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge. Internet Explorer mode (IE mode) provides legacy browser support within Microsoft Edge. Because of this, the IE11 desktop application will be retired on June 15, 2022. This means that the IE11 desktop application will no longer be supported and afterwards will redirect to Microsoft Edge if a user tries to…


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Updates available for Microsoft 365 Apps for Current Channel


MC289912 | October 7 – We’ve released updates to the following update channel for Microsoft 365 Apps: Current Channel


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Modern site-level term store


MC289683 | October 6 – Following the release of the modern experience to create & manage Syntex and SharePoint taxonomy terms that can be used across your organization last year, the experience to manage your site-level terms is also being updated. This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 85638.


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Planner tasks storage location update


MC289682 | October 6 – We are pleased to roll this out after the delay (MC229058 – May ’21). Starting in mid-October 2021, a copy of some Planner tasks will be stored in a user’s Exchange mailbox. All Planner tasks will continue to be stored in the Planner Service.


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Announcing Microsoft Feedback Portal


MC289676 | October 6 – The new Feedback portal for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Edge will become available in Preview by the end of the year. The Feedback portal will allow customers to provide feedback to Microsoft and participate in the feedback community. Other products, like Windows, will be added next year.Going to the Feedback portal, users will be able to post new feedback as well as upvote or comment on feedback others have given and see previous feedback they submitted to Microsoft in their My Feedback…


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Updates available for Microsoft 365 Apps for Current Channel


MC289646 | October 6 – We’ve released updates to the following update channel for Microsoft 365 Apps: Current Channel


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(Updated) Power Apps can now display images from Microsoft Lists


MC257468 | October 5 – Updated October 05, 2021: We have updated the rollout timeline below. Thank you for your patience. Power Apps image controls can now display images that are stored in image columns in Microsoft Lists. Images can be displayed in four sizes: small, medium, large, or full.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 81986


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(Updated) Exchange online archive–Automatic archive of mailbox items in Purges, Versions and Discovery Holds folders


MC288630 | October 5 – Updated October 5, 2021: We have updated the post for additional clarity. Thank you for your feedback. We are rolling out an update which will automatically move any mailbox items preserved in the “Purges”, “Versions”, and “Discovery Holds” folders in the primary mailbox to the archive mailbox daily. Customers will no longer be required to create separate policies for archiving email content in the “Recoverable Items” folders mentioned. Once this change finishes rolling out, the existing…


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Azure Cloud shell in Teams Admin Center


MC289245 | October 4 – This new feature will enable you to open Azure Cloud Shell inline and run PowerShell scripts from within Teams admin center. The Azure Cloud Shell is an interactive, authenticated, browser-accessible shell for managing admin center resources.This message is associated with Microsoft 365 Roadmap ID 82708.


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Passwordless phone sign-in with Microsoft Authenticator experience changing


MC289241 | October 4 – We are modifying the experience in the Microsoft Authenticator app when approving passwordless phone sign-in requests.


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