Compliance is no longer about email alone. It has extended into realms that include social media, instant messaging, and collaboration platforms, to name just a few. In just a few years, these communication channels have become so prevalent that entire industries have spun up around them. Governance and regulatory policies have been updated to reflect the growing influence of these new mediums. When thinking of compliance, organizations must now account for all of these new communication tools that are frequently used by their employees.

Today, Office 365 helps customers stay compliant with an archiving solution that covers email, documents in SharePoint and OneDrive for Business, and Skype for Business meetings and conversations. But, our customers require and have asked for more—they want Office 365 to provide the same rich archiving capabilities over non-Microsoft data sources, such as social and messaging data, as well.

To accommodate customers who require archiving of non-Microsoft data in Office 365, we are pleased to announce new partnerships with two popular vendors in the archiving space: Actiance and Globanet.

Actiance Globanet
The Actiance  platform provides real time policy enforcement, content monitoring and capture of 70+ leading social media, unified communications, collaboration, and IM channels. The company services small to large size businesses across all industries and counts among its customers all of the top 10 US, top 5 Canadian, top 8 European, and top 3 Asian banks. Globanet’s social media and message capture platform – Globanet Merge1™ – extends archiving, eDiscovery and compliance to data sources including email, IM, social media, financial, and mobile text communications.  The product is a dynamic, user-friendly and affordable way to merge all company data streams into a single database.

Thanks to extensive collaboration and deep integration with Actiance and Globanet, Office 365 extends its rich and comprehensive archiving solution to cover a wide array of third-party data sources:

  • Social — Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Instant messaging — Yahoo Messenger, GoogleTalk, Cisco Jabber, etc.
  • Document collaboration — Box, DropBox, etc.
  • Verticals — SalesForce Chatter, Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, etc.
  • SMS/text messaging — BlackBerry, MobileGuard, etc.

The entire compliance stack in Office 365—eDiscovery, Retention, Hold and Auditing—will have access to these new data sources. Both Microsoft as well as non-Microsoft data will be treated alike throughout the system.

Our partners are doing work to integrate their products seamlessly with Office 365. By simply indicating Office 365 as an archiving destination in their products, customers will be able to immediately capture data from numerous data sources. There is no need for any additional configuration in Office 365. All captured data flows into Office 365’s auto-expanding archives. Once data is housed in Office 365, it is fully available to the Compliance tools that our customers are familiar with. Using our eDiscovery and Equivio analytics tools, customers will be able to search, preview and conduct extensive reviews on all ingested data and associated properties. Customers will be able to define retention policies for specific data sources—such as “Delete Facebook data after one year” and so on. And finally, every incoming piece of data, regardless of type or source, will be fully tracked and logged by our comprehensive Auditing tools, with full transparency to customers.

Announcing archiving for non-Microsoft data in Office 365 1 

An early preview of our upcoming eDiscovery experience in Office 365 with native support for non-Microsoft data.

To give customers the full breadth of choice, we are also inviting more data capture specialists to integrate with Office 365. Interested parties can email Office 365 Archiving Partners to learn more and participate in this program.

We’re excited to deliver a solution that meets the varied requirements of all our customers and industries we serve across the world. We’ll begin to roll out this offering worldwide in the coming months.

—The Office 365 Archiving Team


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Published: 7/1/2015 11:28