Today the team is proud to announce updates to the OneNote Windows Store app, including printing, file insertion, and highlighting. These updates significantly improve the OneNote experience for students and help ease the transition to the upcoming school year.

Print your notes

We’ve heard from many customers—students in particular—that they need to print their notes from time to time. In fact, printing is the single biggest feature request. With this update, it’s a breeze to print your notes, and OneNote supports all of the features you’d expect including beautiful full color page previews, portrait and landscape orientations, multiple copies, duplex printing, and more.

To print your pages, swipe from the right to display the Devices charm, then select Devices and then Print.

Print using the Devices charm 

Another way to print is to bring up the App Bar and select Print Page. You can bring up the App Bar three ways:

  • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen
  • Right click on the page
  • Tap on your selected page preview

Print using the App Bar 

And, of course, the normal Ctrl+P works for those of you who like to use keyboard shortcuts.

Insert file attachments and print PDFs for reading and annotating

We’ve also added another top-requested feature: file attachments and PDF printouts. We see a lot of customers saving documents in their notes and, in particular, PDFs. With PDF printouts, students can read slides, assignments, and more directly in OneNote and annotate them with ink or text.

To start adding files, from the radial menu simply select Insert, then File and select the file you want to insert. Files attached to OneNote work similarly to email, so a read-only copy can be opened outside of OneNote, such as in Word or File Explorer.

Insert file 

Selecting Insert and then  PDF Printout, from the radial menu, takes things a step further by printing the entire document to OneNote, allowing you to annotate the PDF. This makes editing an essay on your tablet even better than with hard copy and a red pen.

Insert PDF Printout 

We also recently added this feature on Mac and iOS, so you can now insert file attachments and PDF printouts with the OneNote Windows Store app, as well as on the Windows desktop, Mac, iPad & iPhone.

Highlight your notes with ink

The highlighter tool is an important way to denote key information, and now you can highlight in OneNote using your pen or finger paint. Highlighter is now included in the radial menu next to the four pen styles, and you can customize the color and thickness to your liking. This feature is especially useful when combined with PDF printouts.

Highlight notes 

There are many other improvement in this release including accessibility updates and numerous bug fixes.

Try out these updates today and tell us what you think. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us improve OneNote and deliver on your top requests. Check out our new and recently launched feedback site, where you can post your own suggestions and vote for others. We would love to hear from you. Also, remember to tell your fellow classmates how well OneNote helps you keep on top of the school year, from researching, sharing with your study group, and taking notes to keeping track of your busy life.

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Published: 8/22/2014 16:26