OneNote has always been a powerful tool to work with others through shared notebooks stored on OneDrive or Office 365.  From teams at corporations tracking work items together, to families sharing household information and to-dos, OneNote is a great place to collaborate in real-time. Today we are happy to announce improvements to the OneNote Online co-authoring experience:

  • The new “People Presence” feature helps you see who else is working on the same OneNote page or is in the same notebook simultaneously, regardless of which OneNote client they are using, so that you can connect and collaborate with them if needed.
  • Improved syncing means your edits are nearly in real-time. This will help you and everyone else to stay on the same page as ideas develop and evolve.


Try out these new features at!

Want more? We’re continually adding new features to OneNote Online as well as other improvements to make your experience great. Feel free to keep your thoughts and ideas flowing via the “GIVE FEEDBACK TO MICROSOFT” button locate at the top right of the application. We’re listening!


Category: News; Office 365
Published: 8/15/2014 10:28