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The business dreams of the future are imagined every day. For kids, it happens in play. For adults, it happens in work. Neither can go it alone. What sets dreams apart from reality is the tool belts we wear—using tools lets us collaborate, stay productive, and be efficient. Even the toddlers in this video know that working together with the right tools is the best way to get down to business.



Office 365 Enterprise delivers tools optimized for business, tools that are crafted for the many players involved in the journey from dream to reality. From the CEO to field workers, everyone needs ways to connect and collaborate.

The dreamers: visionaries

The CEO has a big dream. He is passionate about towers and wants to build the tallest one possible. He needs help to collect and share his ideas, and he needs a way to unite people under his cause. The CEO could benefit from Yammer. If he used social media for enterprise, he could say, “Let’s build a tower!” and get feedback within minutes instead of hours or potentially months. He could also get others onboard with his dream easily, because using Yammer is fun.

The drafters: engineers

The engineers draft the dream. They say, “Let’s make that tower out of wood blocks. And let’s make it taller than yesterday’s tower.” They need not only plans, but also the ability to innovate new solutions on the fly should their plans fail the first time around. Engineers need one place where they can confer, no matter their location. Office 365 Enterprise delivers features that can help. Power BI for Office 365 lets them visualize the journey with self-service analytics, and Lync HD video conferencing makes it possible for them to connect: they can whiteboard, share screens, or initiate group conference calls from the same application, on whatever device they want.

The doers: field workers

Onsite workers need to be able to access the latest set of directions as quickly as possible. They might say, “Hey, let’s use this bench to get the height we need,” without realizing that the plan for the tower’s height has been changed. The visionary’s dream and engineering’s hard work is lost if workers on the ground don’t know, and therefore can’t implement, the new plans. OneDrive for Business can give them the confidence to know they are working from the latest version of the plans. When you store and share files on OneDrive, everyone has access to the most recent version.

Throughout each stage of the journey from dream to reality, the security enhancements of Microsoft Office 365, like rights management and encrypted email, help keep access controls in place so that the right plans are seen by the right people at the right time.

Tools can bring us together

As these tower-building toddlers show, humans are on a continual journal of discovering our togetherness. We learned long ago that to accomplish anything on this planet, we needed help from the right people and from the right tools. Businesses need the right tools too. Office 365 can help your business reach even greater heights by helping everyone—from the dreamers to the doers—collaborate with great productivity tools. Learn more at


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Published: 8/13/2014 12:28