“Recognition is the greatest motivator.” —Gerard C. Eakedale

Organizational productivity and morale improve when individuals and teams are recognized for their work. The best productivity tools help people to easily share their knowledge and ideas, make their work discoverable inside their organization, and enable colleagues to show their appreciation and recognize each other’s work. As the modern workplace evolves, Office 365 is also evolving to help people collaborate, share and discover information more easily.

Today we are excited to announce new “people experiences” in Office Delve, which include the new Praise feature, the ability to create modern pages in SharePoint Online and add Favorites from across Office 365.

Let’s dive into the details.

Recognize your peers by giving Praise

With the new Praise feature in Delve, you are now able to send publicly viewable praise to your colleagues. In addition, an email is sent to their manager to make them aware of the individual’s efforts. The praise appears in Delve on the recipient’s profile, and colleagues can click Like to increase the recognition. We know users will appreciate its ease of use and companies will benefit from the power of it being used.

Giving Praise is easy and powerful, as illustrated below:


First, click + Praise. Write your message and click Send. The recipient and their manager will receive an email notification, and your Praise shows up on their Profile page.

Praise is rolling out into Office 365 First Release customers in the U.S. starting today and is expected to roll out to all Office 365 commercial customers in the near future.

Learn more on how to recognize your colleagues with Praise.

Create new pages in SharePoint Online to express yourself

Creating new, beautiful, multimedia-rich pages in SharePoint Online has never been easier. The new authoring canvas is rolling out to all eligible Office 365 commercial customers starting today. Accessed from the Delve Profile tab, the authoring canvas allows you to edit and view pages and auto-save as you work. And because it’s integrated across Office 365, it’s easy to embed documents inline from OneDrive for Business or SharePoint Online Document Libraries, videos from the Office 365 Video portal—now with inline playback—and even images from your C:\ drive. Once published, new pages appear as new, discoverable content in other people’s Delve activity feeds. And to the consumer of the new page, it will be viewable across devices with beautiful, responsive design—keeping everything inline and in context without opening a bunch of tabs and windows.

Today the authoring canvas supports blogging within the enterprise, with plans to enable creation of new pages throughout Office 365 in the future. Get your typing fingers fired up—the intranet is your oyster awaiting your pearls of wisdom.

Watch this two-minute video showing how easy it is to write, embed and publish a blog post within your intranet:


Collect content by adding to Favorites

“Now that’ll be useful,” you say to yourself. “I’ll want to save that for later.” In comes Favorites, a new way within Delve to easily save information you want to come back to later. When you see something in your activity feed that piques your interest, you can hover over the card and click the star in the upper-right corner. When you want to get back to your favorites, you can visit the new Favorites tab in your ME view in the left-hand navigation. Once you’ve read or shared it, it’s just as easy to remove the item from your Favorites tab.


Favorites are only visible to you and can be quickly accessed through your ME view in Delve.

The Favorites feature has been available in the Delve mobile app for iOS, and starting today, Favorites is rolling out in the Delve browser experience to Office 365 First Release customers.

Learn more on how to add to Favorites.

What’s coming next…

We’re really excited to bring you these new people experiences in Delve and Office 365 and we plan to continue innovating in this area, which will roll out to the service automatically when the new features are ready. Currently, we are looking at methods for people to customize their profile page and continuing to improve the overall Delve user interface.

If you have an idea for a future Office 365 People Experience feature, please visit our Delve UserVoice page and submit your feedback using the People Experiences category tag. And vote items up! You will see us continue to iterate and build more and more of what you tell us you need.

—Mark Kashman, senior product manager on the Office 365 team

Frequently asked questions

Q. When will I see these new features in my tenant?

A. As of the publish date of this blog post, Praise is rolling out to First Release customers in the U.S. and Favorites is rolling out to First Release customers worldwide. The authoring canvas is rolling out to Office 365 commercial customers worldwide starting today and will take a few weeks to show up for all eligible customers.

Q. Will my blog posts, originally created within SharePoint Online My Sites, continue to exist once the new Blog platform rolls out?

A. Previous blog posts created within SharePoint Online My Sites will become accessible from the new Blog home page in your personal profile. Once it ships, the new Blog home page and authoring canvas platform will replace the My Site blog technology, and all new blog posts will be created using the authoring canvas.

Q. Can I turn off Praise?

A. During the First Release phase of rollout, it will not be possible to opt out. However, as we prepare to move beyond First Release, we are planning to enable a method for admins to control whether or not users have access to give and receive Praise.


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Published: 10/2/2015 12:38